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The Pro's and Con's of Surgery


Surgery isn't an easy way out or to get off the 'fat roller-coaster' for good, it's only beneficial when someone is totally immobile from their weight gain and unable to burn off the calories needed to shift their weight sufficiently to save their life.

All that is needed is to change habits, and to do this, you can implement every two weeks a new one into your daily routine, whether it be as simple as replacing sugar in your tea or coffee to natural leaf Stevia (liquid form is best) or sweet fizzy drinks with diet versions. Everything takes a couple of weeks to adjust to, so best to do small fixable and permanent changes than try to change a lifetime of habit over night. You will just set yourself up for failure.

You must feed your mind, that means you need to monitor after you eat certain foods how they make you feel, mood, physically (are you shaking after a while) do you feel jittery, craving etc... then, you can replace the culprit with some alternative until you find food that satisfies your body type.

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I can only agree. After my first week on the 12 week plan it has become obvious that I have never had any good eating habits. When I was younger, I was more active and it was never a problem.

emu38 in reply to bodo10

It's getting the balance right. I do know that if I over think everything I never do anything! pure procrastination!

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