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some people say you must walk 10,000 steps to achieve your weight goals! Other people say no, steps are not important, try for 30 minutes of brisk walking! Who is right?

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Hi METALHEAD76 and welcome to this amazing forum, I'm going to add to your question, some people say that exercise isn't as important as what you're eating :) The original 10.000 steps theory is actually a mistake in translation by one of the more famous App inventors.

I suggest you spend some time clicking about to find your way around. It's easier if you have a lap-top as there are several threads. Have a good read of the pinned post “Welcome Newbies” and follow every thread.

Here’s the link to the pinned posts,

Here’s the link for the “Tour” of the forum. If you haven’t already taken it.

I strongly suggest you read and contribute to the Daily Diary and participate in a Weekly Weigh in.

You will find there's loads of tips about better eating, from other members. Sharing your daily menu not only helps you stay committed, it can help other members too.

Good luck I hope to "see " you around.

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Whilst any form of exercise is good for health and well-being, it shouldn't be relied on for weight loss. It's possible to lose weight without any form of exercise and it's possible to not lose weight, even with a lot of exercise.

As for the 10,000 steps per day, maybe this could help?

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Ok thanks. People say you can’t outrun your fork!

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That about sums it up :)

I try & achieve 150 active minutes per week using the Active 10 app.

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