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deleeuw2022 January

I am thinking of going on the Atkins diet, any idears.

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Lytham3st 7lbs

Hello and welcome aboard ! I tried the Atkins diet but found it a little restricting and now follow LCHF which includes more vegetables, you could have a play about with it to find your happy place?

We hope you'll be joining us on all the Events, Challenges and Clubs that we run, especially a weekly weigh in and the Daily Diary, the best places to give and receive advice, support and bucket loads of encouragement.

Here's the link to Pinned Posts where you'll find them all, Good Luck and hope to see you around! :-) x

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deleeuw2022 January in reply to Lytham

what is the LCHF diet

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Lytham3st 7lbs in reply to deleeuw

Oh sorry, it's Low Carb High Fat. You can read all about it on the Diet Doctor website, they have some great visual aids and the recipes are lush :-) x

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Dave10002st 7lbs

deleeuw i would absolutely echo all of Lytham points. On the Atkins front I have also tried it and also found it to be so tough to maintain. LCHF has so many more choices qnd is easier to follow long term. Hopefully speak again on HU. Good luck with whatever you decide. 👍

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Lytham3st 7lbs in reply to Dave1000

You're right about long term, we all need to find something that works for us but more important, that we can keep up.

So pleased you've found your happy place! :-) x

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Juppy2 stone

I agree. I tried Atkins and did ok on it but found I craved just some carbs and needed more veggies to feel good. Then I tried South Beach (low fat Atkins) and felt better with more veggies but although I stuck to it religiously it was challenging to maintain and the weight came off very slowly. I recently discovered low carb, high fat which is similar to Atkins but less protein and more fat and slightly more carbs. I find this works best - no hunger, satisfying meals, and the weight comes off quickly. Some people start with a ketogenic diet which is very low carbs (less than 20 g a day) like Atkins but most move to simply low carb (restricting carbs to 50g or some do as much as 100g). The key is getting enough fat - I tend to use healthy fats like olive oil and coconut oil and avocados. Many are very happy and healthy with animal fats like fatty meats and bacon, butter, and full-fat dairy. Many find once they lose their fear of fat they are more satisfied, less hungry, lose weight and become healthier (even many reduce cholesterol even though they are eating high fat). Many find a lot of carbohydrates like in bread and pasta and many fruits spike their blood sugar and make them hungrier, so reducing them on a lchf diet is very effective. At first it is challenging to learn how to reduce carbs but there are lots of people here with good information. Best wishes and let us know what you decide and how you get on.

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Herman7275Restart January 2022

I have been on Atkins diet and almost killed me, but have been on a low carb diet and keto diet for over 2 years. Very much better, better for diabetes, liver and being healthy

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Hi deleeuw, like many others I have tried the Atkins diet and initially I thought that it would be perfect for me, a protein lover, but couldn't adjust due to the lack of vegetables. I now just try to exclude sugar and alcohol and eat smaller portions. Good luck in finding the right food combination for you.

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