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Sharshar792022 January

So I’ve just found this site through the NHS weight loss app and thought I’d introduce myself and say hello! X

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Hello Sharshar79 and welcome to the group! I’m Jo from England. I sighed up last June but I’ve been absent from this site due to health issues. So again I restarted today on my weight loss program via NHS 12 week plan because my diets gone to pot. All the best on your weight loss journey 😁

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Catweasel42022 January

Hi Sharshar79 welcome I’m also new to this group too. What a wonderful person you are taking care of a toddler it can’t be easy but I’m sure she will give you the motivation you need to get your health back on track. Good luck with your journey the people on this group are super supportive 👍

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Lytham3st 7lbs

Hello and welcome, great to have you with us!

We hope you'll be joining us on all the Events, Challenges and Clubs that we run, especially a weekly weigh in and the Daily Diary, the best places to give and receive advice, support and bucket loads of encouragement.

Here's the link to Pinned Posts where you'll find them all, Good Luck and hope to see you around! :-) x


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OolongRestart August 2021

Welcome, it is a great place and good luck

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