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Today I retired from work after working for 39 years for the council.

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Hopalong13 stone

Enjoy, every day can be a holiday x

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gman1961Restart April 2021

Enjoy your retirement SMITHYC,Wish I could retire ,


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henderslhRestart January 2022

Enjoy your retirement xx

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Wishing you many happy, healthy years of retirement. Enjoy every minute. I retired after forty years teaching 21 years ago. Seems like a distant dream .💐

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SMITHYC1lb in reply to wa2un7

I wss working in transport.Feel like I have a whole new sense of freedom now.

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TrendyWRestart Dec 2021

Congratulations and all the best for a happy healthy retirement.

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springersruleModerator in reply to TrendyW

Hi TrendyW, welcome back, I see it's a while since you've been active. How are you doing now? I suspect you probably remember how to navigate the forum but just in case....

Check out the 'Welcome Newbies' post under pinned posts and have a good click around to re familiarise yourself. You'll also find all our daily, weekly and monthly posts for weighing in, the diary, chat topics, fitness, reading and drinking. There's a maintainers club if that's what you're looking for too.

Here's a link to the pinned posts

Any questions please just shout out. There's usually someone around to help.

Good luck and hope to 'see' you joining in again xx

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SMITHYC1lb in reply to TrendyW

Thank you

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Hello Smithyc, that retirement cake looks quite magnificent. I am retired for the past two years and my life is completely different to the working life. Retirement allows me to volunteer in a craft and coffee shop and walk a dog with the local community helpers group. Do not be too concerned that you won’t have anything to do. Just have a little look around there is bound to be something that you enjoy in your community that you could put your mind to.

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SMITHYC1lb in reply to Biomet

Thank you BiometMy daughter made the cake.

I belong to something called healthwatch where I have been doing telephoning buddying. Hoping to do more of this and do more Nordic Walking.

Hoping to spend more time on here.

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Congratulations to you, did you get the mythical gold watch on retiring or was it just bye now don't let the door hit you on the way out and everyone just kept working as if nothing had changed? I hope you have a hobby that you can use to take up your time, when I was forced to retire at age 48 I did not know what to do in the end I sold my house and business and went to Florida and searched for a boat to live on then set off towards the Caribbean and spent the next 10 years sailing between the islands which was great but in the end I returned back home where I have been for the last 9 years plus (it was much better out in the Caribbean) good luck and enjoy your retirement, after a few month's you will wonder how you ever found the time to go to work.Regards Poppy Ann

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SMITHYC1lb in reply to Poppy_Ann

Hi Poppy_AnnI came away with lots of gifts and vouchers.

My gifts.
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Poppy_AnnVisitor in reply to SMITHYC

That was good of them, when I was kicked out of the army due to disability caused by an accident I had to have a full medical and then sent on leave as you are not allowed to do anything that could change your health record as I was in Germany I returned to UK to wait for the official discharge papers I was in uk for over 6 weeks and was wondering what was going on so I returned to Germany to my unit in case they had made a mistake and ignored the letter as I did not want to get in trouble but they were still waiting after a couple of weeks it was sorted out but as my unit was on exercise there was no one to go out with so I got nothing from them when I left so I missed out as normally they had a party in the mess for you so I just handed in my equipment and just went home to Manchester several years earlier I had registered with the local council housing list and I only had to wait for a couple of weeks to get offered a house which we used until we had a look round for one to buy which took a year before we found one we liked. After that I worked for a few companies for a couple of years then I went self employed until my doctor told me I had to stop work so at age 48 I retired and never worked for the next 20 years where I lived aboard my sail boat in the Caribbean and the last 10 I have been here in the UK and expect to stay for the rest of my life "I intend to last until I pass 100 so I can get some money from the army as it was their fault I got hurt, I cannot complain as I get enough to feed and house me.

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Poppy_AnnVisitor in reply to Poppy_Ann

Sorry for the length of my message but I cannot see how long it is until I post it, all I can see is the last couple of lines.

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SMITHYC1lb in reply to Poppy_Ann

Hi Poppy_ Ann It is good to talk as sometimes you have to get things off your chest.

At least you had an adventure before you returned to the UK

Sorry you are not able to work anymore.

Take each day as it comes and be grateful you are still here.

After loosing a close colleague to the dreadedcorona virus it certainly makes you look at life differently.

Take Care



Wishing you the best for your Retirement, and hope you enjoy every day.

Zest :-)

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SMITHYC1lb in reply to Zest

Thank you ZestToday is the first day I haven't had to go to work.

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Zest in reply to SMITHYC

Hi SMITHYC I hope you're enjoying your first day.

Zest :-)

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SMITHYC1lb in reply to Zest

I didI went walking with friends.

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Zest in reply to SMITHYC

That's great. :-)

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