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SheppieRestart Dec 2021

Morning all. Have been pre- diabetic for 6+ years. Due to back pain , weight inc since last year. (COVID related). Kept blood sugar check monthly. Since August Above

Had Hba1c done recently. 54. Classified as Type 2 diabetes. No treated required but will tried to reduce weight and reduce Hba1c. Being repeated in February. So here we go again. Did Michael Moseley diet in the past and 5:2 diet. Anyway, knocking on 70s door. Time to do something and if I can lose a stone it may help.

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Welcome back, Sheppie :)

Will you be following the Michael Mosley plan again? If you want support with planning and good choices, then the Daily Diary is very useful. And joining a weekly weigh in is a great place for team support.

I see you have a nursing background so you will know that Type 2 diabetes is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism, so it's not just a matter of losing weight but of changing what you eat. There's some reading and viewing here and you might like to Google Dr David Unwin: he's a GP who has had great success in helping his patients reverse their T2D.

You'll find everything you need to use the forum by following this link to Pinned Posts.

All the best


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SheppieRestart Dec 2021 in reply to BridgeGirl

Thank you for your supportive reply. Will read the information you feel may give me more updated ideas. As you say it is a change of lifestyle and sticking to it most of the time. Wednesday weigh-in will be my first seven days.

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Sheppie

You’re welcome 😊

Hi Sheppie, good to meet you. Like you, I have been here before, put on weight during covid lockdowns and had a health scare which has prompted recognition I need to act now. Also, like you, I’m ‘knocking on 70s door’. I want to be able also to ‘knock on 80s door’ - hence my attempts to ‘straighten up’. I made a good start a few weeks ago but the bad weather has made the exercise bit a lot harder - I hate being cold so my daily has become a less attractive proposition! So, although sticking rigidly to low (bad) fat and low carbs but plenty fruit and veg, my weight loss is slowing. Still….I plod on. I wish you every success in getting your blood sugar levels under control and hope you feel as incentivised and supported in this forum as I do. I find the weekly weigh in the best discipline!

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SheppieRestart Dec 2021 in reply to Twiggynot

Hi, Thank you for your support. At present I am very strict with myself. As an ex- practice nurse, spent many hours dealing with Diabetes’s. Things have change a lot from the 60s when I started nursing. If I can push my Hba1c back I will smile but it doesn’t always happen. Second year post breast cancer and no recurrence. Started swimming again. Had to give up riding. Very sad about that. Have a Border Terrier that gets me out. Looking forward to see how 1st week goes.

I am a retired registered nurse. Started my training in 1970!

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SheppieRestart Dec 2021 in reply to Twiggynot

Snap. Was Pre Nursing Student 1969 and started training May 1970. Retired 43 years later.

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