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Sick of being slightly slimmer than a whale

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SoonIwontbesofat2021 November


My username says it all. I am very fat, and as a result disgusting.

My stomach is the first thing people glance at when they see me along with my waist. I've been asked numerous times by strangers when my baby is due ( despite not being pregnant)

I started trying to lose the fat in 2020 after bursting into tears in the mirror. Made progress on the weight but only in areas which weren't already wobbly like arms. Total inch loss 5cm.

Starting measurements

Massive stomach 39 inches- now 38.5

Waist: 35 inches no change

Weight 9st 4. Now 8.13

I eat 500 calories 2 days a week and exercise 2hrs a day

I feel exhausted trying to not be a whale any more. Been tested by Docs who found no medical cause.

Why can I not stop being so fat?

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Hello Veryfatso21 and welcome to the weight loss forum.

Please have a good read of the Pinned Post “Welcome Newbies”.

This is a very large community with lots going on. May I suggest you use the webpage as opposed to the app at least until you know your way around. Take your time and follow every thread so that you know exactly what’s going on.

Here’s the link for a “Tour” of the forum ,if you haven’t already taken it.

I doubt if any of us are 100% happy with how we look, you don't mention whether or not you have checked your BMI (Body Mass Index) so that you know how much weight you need to lose. You may even consider changing your username to something with a little more self esteem. I used to use the name "Tubby" and found that just by changing my name I was on a better track.

The Daily Diary and the Weekly Weigh ins are very good places to begin. You will find the DD and WI in the Pinned Posts

I find the Daily Diary a very good place to share my plans and get inspiration from other members, too. Once the day’s food is written down I’m far more likely to stay on track.

The key to success is participation, we are all on the same journey.

If you can’t find something just shout, there’s usually someone around.

I hope to “see” you around, Good Luck.🍀😉

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I'm not medically trained, but I would guess it's because what you believe to be healthy food isn't. It's not just a matter of preference that dictates what we should eat, or what's good for the planet.

The RDA of carbohydrate is twice the amount the body typically uses, so the excess is being turned to fat. Now that fat could be used for fuel, however, carbohydrate and protein stimulate insulin that causes the body to store energy, at which times the body cannot use its fuel reserves.

Personally, even though my carb sources are not always the healthiest, because I keep to 120g of carbs per day, and get most of my energy from olives, coconut and nuts, hunger is seldom a driving force for me, making fasting easy for instance.

The frequency of eating is also important. Again, well-meaningly we are often told to eat little and often to keep our blood glucose even. Unfortunately, this is terrible advice because each time we eat our insulin levels rise, contributing to highs and lows in blood glucose. It is far better to have just two or three intakes of calories per day (not drip-feeding with drinks), rely on the body's energy reserves, and just prevent them becoming too depleted.

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I don’t post here often at the moment but I wanted to respond to you, I’m glad you changed your username to a more positive one, no one deserves to describe themselves in such negative terms. I’m sure you wouldn’t describe a friend who was overweight as disgusting or a whale so be kinder to yourself 🙂At 8 stone 13 and even at your starting weight 9 stone 4 you couldn’t be “very fat” unless you are extremely short (I’m 4 ft 10 and 8 stone 13 is only in the overweight range for me, nowhere near obese) How tall are you, and what is your BMI? It’s not a perfect tool for every individual but it gives a good guide for the general population.

If you need to lose some more weight try to think about it in positive terms like gaining health, strength and energy and make a sustainable plan that keeps you properly nourished, this will help to boost your self image as well as lose any excess weight. Good luck 🍀

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The reason most people have for having a tummy is not just fat but inflammation of the gut due to foods that they are eating. check out an anti inflammatory diet, you will find that these are invariably low carb but many will also recommend avoiding oxidative foods which like refined grin oils. I only use coconut oil for frying and cold pressed olive oil.

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Jan-welly2021 June

PMA- is the key POSTIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE you need to adopt that way of thinking stop being hard on yourself and buy the book the obesity code by Jason fung , you will get there !

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amykpVisitor in reply to Jan-welly

And you can start by watching any one of his online podcasts (free). He is awesome and among other things will hopefully convince you that your weight is not your fault!

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Jan-welly2021 June

And watch Jason fung on utube loads on there

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