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als3882021 November

Hi Guys,

I'm on here for support in losing weight, thought to post my weight in hope that it will give me someone I'm liable to. I'm really trying to turn my life around and can't seem to do it alone. I'm thirty-four years old and weigh 15 stone and 8 pounds. Was thinking to use my fitness pal app and weigh myself weekly.

Have you got any advice for me?

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purplemisty1st 7lbs

There are weigh-in threads, today's is here: healthunlocked.com/weight-l...

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Hello and welcome, als388 :)

Everyone here is on the same journey so it's a good place for understanding and support. My Fintess Pal is a popular app, so see how you go with it.

You can join a weekly weigh in whatever day suits you. The idea is not just adding your weight to a list, but chatting and encouraging other members, then you get a real sense of team support. Which day would you go for?

There is also a Daily Diary so you can be getting ideas, and sharing yours, every day: members post their meal and exercise plans and discuss how things are going.

You'll find the weigh in and the Diary (plus other activities like fitness, DrinkLess club and book club) in Pinned Posts. If you click on this link healthunlocked.com/weight-l... and scroll down, you'll find them all. Take your time so you can see everything that's on offer.

Wishing you success in making the changes you want and need :)

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als3882021 November in reply to BridgeGirl

This is so helpful, thanks so much for this!

Was thinking to do the weigh-in on a Thursday night, do you have a day you think is best as obviously, the weekend is the biggest hurdle.

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to als388

For weighing yourself, it's best first thing in the morning, undressed and after the loo. Weight fluctuates in weird ways throughout the day so that's the best way to get it consistent. In terms of the weigh ins here, you'll get most chat and get to know people in the mornings.

As for which day ... Monday is popular, maybe because people think of starting a new week, and maybe it stops them going overboard at the weekend. I do Sunday - not sure why, it just turned out that way. The Wednesday weigh in is popular, with a lot of buzz. It's whatever suits you. Remember, it's the trend over time that matters.

Also, there are other indications of whether you're going in the right direction such as inches lost (take plenty of measurements), clothes feeling looser and having a bit more "go" about you.

When you join a weigh in, you'll be replying to the host, not creating a new post, as you've done here. This explains it healthunlocked.com/weight-l...

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