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oh oh I'm in trouble!

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Ok so I'm away for a 10 day break, we're staying in a good hotel that cooks delicious basic food - all self service ....... uh oh. So for all my talk about keeping a lid on the eating whilst I'm away it's just not happening. I'm faced with all this yummy grub and I just can't resist😔

Bfast I was reasonably self controlled - 1 egg, couple of rashers bacon, mushrooms, sausage - not too bad, resisted the cereal & fruit starter. The in day latte and piece of cake wasn't really necessary BUT tonight OMG the starter I had was usually what I wdve had for my dinner! Then I had fish n vegetables (reasonable) ...... but the 3 bits of cheese for Afters - no, no, no DDJ.

I'm not expecting anyone to come up with a magical response, I guess I'm just confessing. Oh and the G&T(s).

I'm gonna dread getting on those scales on 24th Oct 🤨☹️

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bikegrrrlRestart Sept 2021

Don't give up! Keep making healthy choices. It's great to be on holiday and to enjoy the food.

Is it possible that you might get more execise in than usual? That may help.

I hope you have a lovely time.

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dontdojogging2 stone in reply to bikegrrrl

Hi bikegrrrl - yes we are walking more, about 4 miles a day, opting to walk back to hotel along the prom rather than catch bus and tonight was b proud of myself - chose the fruit salad (no cream) over the salted caramel cheesecake 😥 Trade off so I cd have a glayva after in the bar!

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Try and focus on healthy options- though too much cheese is not a health option- so try and choose fruit options for dessert. You are on holiday so don't be too hard on yourself just try to avoid creamy sauces. Yes you will put on weight but hopefully not as much as you expect. Try and do a bit more exercise increase your walking if possible

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dontdojogging2 stone in reply to RG07

Yep walking a bit more and choosing a crab salad for lunch today rather than a piece of cake!

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anu75Restart Oct 2021

Brilliant have a great time. All I can suggest is maybe some water or loe gi fruit or veg or a soup, before each meal to fill you up. Eat till full not stuffed but enjoy yourself too x

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dontdojogging2 stone in reply to anu75

Tnx anu- having a good time!

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gman1961Restart April 2021

Enjoy the break and the food choices will fall into place .The scales are not as bad as we think sometimes after a break..


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