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I'm in trouble

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IamwhatIam5176 stone

Struggled to get back on track since my holiday. Reverted back to being unable to make it through a single day on plan and dreading exercise. Once again all I want to do is eat and I'm finding little pleasure in anything else. I'm feeling down all the time atm and its a mixture of sadness at being off plan as well as misery about wanting to get back on plan and knowing that means not being able to gorge myself stupid. Its such an odd mix. I'm perfectly happy with the routine and food when on plan but the truth is I'm a binge eater and that desire to eat until I'm feeling sick never fully goes away. Its winning at the moment and I'm struggling to find the hope for the future and delight in my efforts that I was feeling just a fortnight ago. All my drive has deflated I'm feeling so sad and hopeless.

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siggie2 stone

Oh dear IamwhatIam517 I really hope you can get through this blip, we are here to support you every tiny step of the way, your overall loss is phenomenal😊I have lost nowhere near as much weight as you , but I am an emotional eater, well, I'm an eater, I don't need much persuading if I'm honest! And I can relate to.how you're feeling at the moment..

Take it hour by hour if needed, are you able to get rid of the food you're binging on and plan healthier alternatives.

I hope this doesn't come across as patronising, my apologies if it does, but you have done it before, and with the support of everyone you'll get back on the right path, you're just taking the scenic route at the moment.

DM me if you wish, take care and more than anything, go easy on yourself ❤

Oh bless you and I agree that binge eating never goes away. Just keep positive and take one step at a time x

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I wonder if you could consider not going quite back to plan for a bit but just maintaining for a week or so? My experience is that if I binge then suddenly try to lose, the body goes mad at the blood sugar dip and tries desperately to make me binge! Although I'm happy to say that hasn't happened for many years so I do think it's possible to get over eventually. What sort of plan are you on if you don't mind me asking?

Step away from the scales.You need to take some time out to break this negative cycle with food. You have done it before. What was it that made you do this in the first place? Is that still why you want to continue?

Be kind to yourself; you are allowed to not be okay. We are here to help support you.

Think about those things that you like to do and set the time aside to do some of them in the coming days. Try to lessen some of those pressures you are feeling to build a little air space.

We are here if you want us. X

Really feel for you IamwhatIam517,

The urge to eat and eat and eat is really strong for me as well.

Especially if I am feeling low because eating makes me feel better.

Until I stop eating and then I feel even worse because I know I lost a battle.

None of us are exactly the same but maybe you feel similar to me.

Remember though, you have lost 6 stone. So you really are winning.

Not all the time perhaps but on the whole you are doing this.

Your one of the winners and I want to be like you.

Please keep going.


That's how I'm feeling, snap!! You have done an amazing job of refocusing after Christmas and getting back on track before your holiday, even if it's a struggle again now... I still haven't got properly back into the zone since Christmas. You can definitely do this. Hopefully I can too.

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PandQsMaintainer in reply to Greendream123

Hi Greendream123, I haven't been able to get back on track since Christmas either, especially when it was followed by lockdown, a birthday and Easter. I keep telling myself a 7lb gain is not the end of the world, but it's enough to make my clothes too tight again, and if I let it slip further I will soon be back where I started. My problem at the moment is that even when I'm back on track LCHF, the scales just don't show any progress. I'm reading the comments here today for encouragement for myself!

Greendream123 profile image
Greendream1231st 7lbs in reply to PandQs

I'm sure you'll lose the 7 lbs again before you realise! It is so difficult to keep the weight off (and keep going) long term so it's amazing that you've got to maintainer status and I'm sure you'll feel back on track very soon... And hopefully I will too! :)

PandQs profile image
PandQsMaintainer in reply to Greendream123

fingers crossed :)

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san_ray70Maintainer in reply to Greendream123

When I was in S.W. the message was one day at a time, if you slip for a day or a week, keep trying to get your mojo back. It worked I lost 2st.

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dish70Restart January 2021

I'm so sorry to hear your struggling with these demons. There's no easy answer just allow yourself to feel upset and keep on trying each day to get back on route it will happen, sometimes we just need to not give up completely 1 day at a time.

Hi IamwhatIam 517,

Sorry to hear that you are going having a blip at the moment. I'm sure you will get through this.

We are all here to support you and I'm sure you will get many replys of encouragement.


Ladytrucker1 profile image
Ladytrucker12021 April

Hi.Look at it from a different perspective. Its not a diet at all its a different way of eating. Think of what you have achieved. Dont look in the mirror. Its not good. Dont look at the scales. Think of the journey you have done so far. The weight you have lost. Then think about what you would have for the day. Just change things around. Instead of chips have

Boiled potatoes and make a casserole with veggies. Mash it in. If you want bread I find the hovis 50 calorie is a good substitute. Dont use butter dunk it in the gravy. Lovely. Make sugar free jelly and add banana and diet lemonade instead of water. Yummy and filling and very few calories. Think about each meal and take one day at a time and then you will be back on your journey again

Keep me posted and good luck

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Don't buy the food to binge eat as if its not in the cupboard you can't eat it . This sounds awful but I had to do this . Last year I started just throwing 2 bottles of wine in my trolley every week . It was almost like cold turkey not buying them but it worked .

san_ray70 profile image
san_ray70Maintainer in reply to focused1

I try not to buy sweets, biscuits , cakes but my husband although diabetic, is not on a diet. We have treats at week ends.

focused1 profile image
focused1Maintainer in reply to san_ray70

Same with me . I can only eat if I buy but love that coffee and cake with friends .

san_ray70 profile image
san_ray70Maintainer in reply to focused1

We have not gone back to our church with coffe e and cake. I used to take a low fat breakfast bar, and tell myself I do not like cake. It worked a treat, but then again it is not cake , but chocolate is my nemesis.

focused1 profile image
focused1Maintainer in reply to san_ray70

Reading your reply nodding . Guess I have a sweet tooth . Had to resist chocolate . I told my family not to buy me Easter Eggs but was overjoyed when they arrived .

Sending hugs your way. I identify so strongly with how you've expressed your feelings. Just wishing there was something I could say to help this 'phase' pass more quickly for you. It WILL pass, and you will feel positive and happy on plan again soon. Just don't be hard on yourself in the meantime. So many factors influence our emotions, hormonal responses, and our psychological and bodily responses all change in relation to those too. So even if you aren't sure what has begun this spiral, just know that it will pass! You've done amazingly well so far in this journey, and you know you can do this! xxx

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Karalin2020 July

Let me say you sound like me in so many ways. I have to say though don't focus on the scale because do you know how much of that is water or muscle mass? Focus on the fat percentage which you can calculate. Also what I've found as a person who always snacks when going to the kitchen is that we as humans can't control being tuned on by food and wanting to eat it. In our human history, we had to fight for our food to survive. They did not eat three meals as we do. So the brain naturally would be turned on by food and feel an urge to consume it. That's why if we don't walk through our kitchens, or open those fridges and cupboards at any other time that's not mealtime, then we won't eat as much. When you go to the kitchen to look for food, that sends a message to the brain that it is time to eat, so you WILL eat. The associations you make with things are powerful. I encourage you to delve into the idea of neuroplasticity and growth mindset. But also how you think of thig=ngs in your brain affects whether you will do those things. I hated exercise but once I started associating it with a privilege I got to do or making my body stronger, I craved it. Also, it takes 8 days to form a habit, so next time when you feel angry or happy, run, this will tell your brain and convince yourself that the only way to discard feelings of anger or increase feelings of happiness is to exercise or run. For exercise, I myself have an aggressive personality to try the hardest exercise ASAP. However this week I've just taken it slow and aimed at just getting basic exercise like Yoga or walking every day this week. And for my sugar problems, I just decided to wait until the end of the day to eat, because even if I was going to binge or indulge, I would have worked on discipline and staying away from food for the rest of the day. Since this is a journey starting slow and easing your body back into things is the best you can do. Also, I urge EVERYONE HERE to if you can check out Alivia' D'Andrea, a youtube who struggles with this. SHe's real and does something called the glow-up diaries. Also, a YouTuber named Lavendaire can help with procrastinating and managing time, scheduling, journaling, all that jazz. Finally, if you're looking for workouts that you can actually do while sitting in a chair and with no equipment, try Pahla B fitness, she has a fun personality or if you ever want to amp it up then try blogilates. These are some people I look to because sometimes relatability or practical advice from someone who has gone through our struggles can be helpful.

BridgeGirl profile image
BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Karalin

I have to say, for me, "staying away from food for the rest of the day" would be guaranteed to lead to a blow out. Much better, I find, to eat when I'm hungry and eat well, then I'm not driven up the wall looking for things to "snack" on.

Karalin profile image
Karalin2020 July in reply to BridgeGirl

Yes, that is perfect, I for some reason just want to eat most when I'm not hungry.

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Dave10002 stone

So sorry that you are struggling so much at the moment. Maybe trying to do so much all in one go is daunting. I have see others suggest one day a time and that sounds like great advice, but maybe one meal at a time. Have you thought of Changing your eating style for no other reason other than you can. If you were calorie counting previously try LCHF, if the later try TMAD. Make yourself some nice sounding meals that make you look forward to eating it. Build in a treat, don’t initiate deprivation from the get go. Lean on others for any support you need and don’t try to struggle through alone. You will come through it IamwhatIam517 👍x

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