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Rain by Terence Trent D’Arby (Song Writers: Terence Trent D’Arby) … Now Sananda Maitreya

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Sananda Francesco Maitreya was born Terence Trent Howard on the 15th March 1962. He started his career with the stage name Terence Trent D'Arby. He is an American singer and songwriter who came to fame with his debut studio album, Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D'Arby (1987).

Like so many others, I bought Introducing the Harline on Vinyl and loved it. One of my favourite songs is Rain. Rain in life does not get me down, but I love the beat of the song. It makes me happy to listen to it.

This week I am in a happy mood because my plans are coming to fruition. Even my weight is dropping off. I can see another milestone coming up. I just passed my first year of healthier living and eating and have passed three stones in weight loss. I have just been given a contract for a new position after four and a half years with a company. I may be just about to move into another phase of my life with my only child leaving me to start her life.

I hope your plans are starting to fall into place. And it will, rain rain, go away, go away.

Have a great week.


Take off your topcoats

Put on your raincoats

And now give up your birthright

And don't you cry

'Cause in 23 verses now

A storm is a-comin'

And you'll be too surprised

To wonder why


And it will

Rain rain

Go away, go away

Rain rain

Come back again another day


Step out your cool suit

Snap on you wet boots

And now eat all you mushrooms

Until you see

That in 22 verses now

A storm is a-brewin'

And you'll be too annoyed

For victory


'Cause it will

Rain rain

Go away, go away

Rain rain

Come back again another day


China glass &

A chocolate bar

I'm leaving behind

So my children's children

Children's children

Will see what's left of me


Cue up the James Brown

And jack up the funky sound now

Say it won't be the last time

You hear a scream

'Cause in 21 verses now

A storm is a-ragin'

And you will satisfy your destiny


And it will

Rain rain

Go away, go away

Rain rain

Come back again another day

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Can only think of a song starting’sign your name across my heart’ and the music was quite haunting . Hard to think he is almost 60. Children leave home and you think you will be bored but I wasn’t . Weight for me now is maintenance. I don’t want to be super slim and maybe my BMI isn’t as low as the ideal but these are strange charts but I am happy wearing size 12 jeans and buying clothing I like .

Excellent. Well done, Johnny-One. Weight loss goals achieved. New job contract which you've worked diligently and waited patiently for. Adult child leaving home. All good, it's all coming together for you.

I've just looked that TTD song up on You Tube because I didn't recognise it despite being a TTD fan. As focussed1 remarked 'Sign your name' comes to mind. Or, 'Wishing Well.'

However, that's not the point. You've inspired me to keep calm and carry on. I've only lost half of the weight you've lost with lots more weight for me to lose.

Good luck with the new, exiting phase of your life.

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Cat33Restart June 2021

I can't remember what I was watching on TV last night - oh yes just remembered it was Come Dine With Me - 😊 someone mentioned they once had a crush on Terence Trent D'Arby and I thought I hadn't heard about him for ages and then I saw your message Didn't he have a lovely song called Sign Your Name ? I will have a look for Rain he has a such a good voice 👍

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