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7lbs left to do in 4 weeks

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Ladytrucker12021 April

This is my 2nd week. Wasnt as good as last week with 6.5lb lose but still lost all the same. Just 1 lb. I am a little disappointed with this tbh. I now have 4 weeks to lose nearly 7lbs or my opp will be cancelled. Talk about putting the pressure on

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Hi, on your first post, a few days ago, you didn't say anything about how you were planning to lose weight. I'm assuming you want a long term plan for life, though I know you have a short term goal. If you follow the link moreless gave you to Pinned Posts healthunlocked.com/weight-l... you'll find all the forum activities that could help you

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Ladytrucker12021 April in reply to BridgeGirl

Thank you. Its a short term lose to get my opp. But overall its going to be long term. I weighed in at 18 stone. Shock horror. Never been so heavy in all my life. So the 1st aim is to get below 17stone by 10th May for me to have the opp. Once that's over nd done with I would like to get down to about 12.5 stone. So another 4.5stone on top of that So a very long haul I am thinking ahead of me. When the gyms are back open I shall be going there at least twice a week. Work allowing. As I am back to work after this lockdown yaaa. I have only worked 4.5 months in the last 13 months. Not good for soul body or budget. So here I am. The support here is great. So I have only lost 1lb this week. Hopefully next week will be better as I am back to work

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Ladytrucker1

I recommend the Daily Diary, and joining a weekly weigh in will give you great team support :)

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Ladytrucker12021 April in reply to BridgeGirl

Thats what I am doing. Counting calories and all that stuff. Still gojng to be a hard slog tho

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Ladytrucker1

I was meaning the Daily Diary here on the forum, and a weekly weigh in here.

Yes, it may be tough but you're taking steps in the right direction :)

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Summerliving2021 April in reply to Ladytrucker1

Don't be disheartened by losing 1lb, you lost weight and that is what you are trying to do. I started at 17 s 12 lb and am down 2 stone since Jan. I calorie count the same as you, consider using the NHS weight loss app, it will ensure you are having your full allowance of calories. I didn't follow it to begin with and restricted my calories too much, once I upped my calories to what it said I lost more weight each week. I find walking a massive benefit, you're not restricted and walk to your pace and whatever distance suits you. Good luck and we'll done on weight loss this week 😁

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SmileyPerson2021 April

You are still losing. A pound of fat is actualy a lot of fat so well done! Some weeks are just slower weeks I think - goodness knows why! -Your operation date must be a great incentive. Keep going - don't give up. It sounds like you are doing all the right things.

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Ladytrucker12021 April in reply to SmileyPerson

Thank you

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Hi, I was told I needed to lose weight before I would be considered for a hernia op, but they gave me 6months to lose the weight, not just the 6 weeks that you have. They've set you a challenge there haven't they! If you need to lose fat (rather than excess fluid) that rapidly, you might want to look at low carb, healthy fat (LCHF). That worked for me very quickly and I was amazed because it went against everything I'd been told before about "healthy" low fat diets. So much so that by the time I'd lost the fat, I no longer had the hernia and didn't need the op after all.

Am sure it's doable with a bit if will power a d determination. Good luck x

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Hopewhispers2021 February

Try not to panic, focus on the fact you've enough time to try and achieve your goal, just take it step by step if u focus on the op I'm afraid you'll be under too much pressure put on yourself and it will work against you, keep it simple,concentrate on keeping today good, then tomorrow then day after that

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Aginghippy1st 7lbs

I also had to lose weight for an operation and went the low carb high (good) fats way. I have lost 18 lbs in 8 months and have my op on monday! For a quick loss I can't recommend this enough. Now it is my life style so from no carbs to low carbs and I enjoy my food. Good luck with weight loss and operation.

Hi well done 8lbs in two weeks brilliant 👍 most people do well onLCHF. A friend who had to

Lose weight for a gallbladder was given a week pre op diet by the doctor it basically was two shakes and a small diet which was all they needed her to do.

Point is no need to worry carry on as you are. Health teams will support when you need them. Good luck you can do it .

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Amosmoses2021 March

1 to 2 pounds a week is they healthy way to lose.A few helpful thinks are drink more water and get up and walk more

Keep up the good work

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Sweetpea57Restart April 2021

You are doing so well to lose anything after such a big loss last week, best of luck!!

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Ladytrucker12021 April in reply to Sweetpea57

Thank you

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