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This is my first weigh-in, 11st 7lbs. just 3stone to go.


I had a shock with pre-Type two diabetes and have lost 12lbs since then and started the NHS 12 week weight loss plan 3 weeks ago.Daytime is fine, but after teatime I feel so hungry. I eat fruit. I don't eat the 1300 plus calories I am allowed but my weight isn't falling enough. I have heart disease and have had a stroke so exercise is very dificult. I exercise each morning for mysciatica, which helps with back pain, but not aerobically. Has anyone have any suggestions for the evening munchies. I find the Forum a great help, such positive attitudes, lift the spirits. Good luck to all.

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I am a newbie, starting out today, and spotted your post as I too often require evening munchies. Now I haven't calculated calorie content but I find a little low fat hummous, a few olives and a good handful of celery sticks/carrots/cucumber/red pepper and wholemeal pitta bread sort me out. Not everyone's ideal snack but very tasty, filling and great 'munchie-ability'. Popcorn is also a good snack that feels more like a treat :-) Good Luck!!

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Dear LilyBob, thank you for your response, I have all your suggested foods in the fridge, except popcorn, I must try popping some corn. Thank you for your suggestions. I shall keep going, but my hubby doesn't want me to get down to 9stone, at my age it seems too much.

Thank you again, and the best of luck,I'm sure you will succeed, you have the answers to munchies alreeady.

Hi 13SK12,

Welcome to the forum, and it's great that you've started the NHS 12 week plan already and you're on week 3 (or 4) already. Some people have commented that if they don't eat the recommended range of calories that they don't lose much weight, so maybe consider ensuring you do eat within the recommended range.

Have you seen the thread about recipes and snacks that Lucca10 started? A link is here, so you could have a look through to see if you fancy making any of the things listed there - it might give you some ideas you'd not considered previously:

I know you eat fruit in the evenings currently, but one thing that I personally find helpful is having a little of all 3 macronutrients in any snack I have - so for example if I was having some fruit, then I'd have some plain yoghurt and a sprinkle of seeds on it, or maybe I'd have a few nuts with the fruit. It helps me to feel more 'satisfied' and I also appreciate the health benefits of a range of nutrients.

I find it can also be helpful to keep occupied during the evenings as well, so that you don't end up thinking about food or needing to snack. Hopefully you might not need to munch many things, as you will feel satisfied by having your full calorie range and you'll have planned your meals and snacks so that you are feeling satisfied.

Good luck! I do like the suggestions that LilyBob gave you - they sound really delicious options.

Have a great week, and many Congratulations on losing 12 pounds - that is really great. It's good to hear your exercises are helping with your sciatica.

Lowcal :-)

13SK12 in reply to Zest

Dear Lowcal, honestly, I have dieted for more then 50 years and never found eating more than 1000 calories really helped. I shall try again, my allowance is 1300 plus each day, so I shall try for a week, and see how I progress, thank you for your advice. Sheila.13SK12


Cutting back too far will leave you hungry, as will poor blood glucose control. Eat 100g to 140g of quality, low Gi, low fructose carbohydrates per day, and some natural fat instead.

Thank you "Concerned", thank you for your suggestions,Sorry for the lateness of my response, but my husband has been changing over my computer technology, and its taken some time. Thank you for your tips,could you give me an example of the type of carbohydrates you recommend, I am just getting to grips with the Diabetes UK website, and am finding difficulty navigating to stuff. Sheila.

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