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Caro19642021 January

Hi my name is carolyn

Weight loss troubles

can anyone help

I am 67.6 and doctors say i need to be 57 for my height i had a hystorectomy with Overies left since then struggled with weight gain also now have to use a walker any help appreciated

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Hello and welcome, Caro1964 :)

This is a great place for information and support and the more you get involved, the more you'll get out of it. If you follow this link healthunlocked.com/weight-l... to Pinned Posts, you'll find all our activities. I suggest you join a weigh in first of all - Feel Good Friday is underway and you'll find it third on that list of Pinned Posts - then have a look at the Daily Diary and join in when you're ready.

All the best


Hi Caro1964, welcome to this amazing group. Have a good look round the forum and join in every thing you can. There's lots of information from first hand experiences, the more you read the more you learn and can settle on a lifestyle plan that will suit you through weight loss and beyond. Get involved and you will get so much support you won't need your own motivation we'll give you it instead 😊

I wanted to reply to you mainly as you mention using a walker. I damaged my knee back in July and have been on crutches for pottering around and a rollator for everything else (i'm waiting for a partial knee replacement now) since. I began my lifestyle change in august, very slowly cutting things out and reducing portions but very little exercise, if any. With getting physio and painkillers in november i've been able to do a little more exercise - between 3-4000 steps a day including pedalling on a mini bike (think pedals on a frame not a proper bike).

So what i'm saying in all that rambling is you can lose weight by food alone or with minimal exercise so dont think you cant do it. Plan your meals ahead of the day or weekly and experiment with the food you like to find a way to eat it and lose weight. After a couple of months i transitioned to low carb and after that to healthy fats too. In just over 5 months I've lost just over 40kg, havent snacked and dont feel hungry. I've also discovered a love of cooking.

I wish you well on your journey and hope to see you join in with at least the weekly weigh ins and the daily diaries xx

lea57-49r2st 7lbs

Welcome Caro1964 and I really do wish you well on your weight loss journey.

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