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I'm tricia. I live in the US near Boston. I am 52. I will be 53 in December. I signed into this site awhile ago but never did anything but i kept getting emails which i would sometimes read. I am going to make a commitment to come to this website frequently, read up on all the info, get familiar with the abbreviations etc. I desperately desire to lose weight but am not doing all the things one needs to do to lose the weight. I quit smoking last august and drinking three weeks later, yeah for me but i let the food take the place of some of the cravings for both and now have very unhealthy food habits. Honestly i was never that good at healthy eating but things got worse. Thanks for being here and thanks for listening. I am going to go to the sunday weigh in and do that.


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Hi Tricia glad to see you here and it is a great place to be for support. Good luck x


Hello and welcome :)

If you follow the links that moreless has given you on the weigh in, you'll soon find your way around.

Have you decided on an eating plan? This is a straightforward one that you could adapt to your own tastes


Congratulations on quitting smoking and drinking! That’s a fantastic achievement and do take time to celebrate and congratulate yourself! I really enjoyed the LCHF style of eating because it does not feel like you are denying yourself too much, And I’ve found a lot of carbs make me crave sugar ( and sometimes alcohol!). It sounds like you are doing a lot to get yourself healthy. Enjoy!

Tank_EG5 stone

Morning Tricia and welcome 😀

Well done on quitting smoking and drinking, I'm an ex-smoker and know exactly what you mean about replacing the cravings with food

Have a look around and see what plans are available, don't be afraid to ask if you want more info. Also maybe join the daily diaries, I can't start my day without them 😀

Looking forward to seeing you here more often and all the best

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