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Stupid pointless snack!


Yesterday as I was leaving work there was a box of Rafaello chocolates for staff on the desk! And I grabbed one, opened it and ate it on the way to my car! As I was driving home I realised that it was such a pointless stupid thing to have done as I ate it so fast and mindlessly that I didn't even taste it and what a silly waste of calories that was!

It reminded me of 'mindful' eating! It was bad enough to have the treat - and I exercises extra to counteract - but at least if I'm going to have it I should of actually sat down and enjoyed it! Although truthfully if I HAD taken the time to think about it I would have resisted it in the first place!!

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Awwww you’re not the only one to trip on that! I’ve been doing some mindless eating due to pressures recently and am only just settling down again but you have acknowledged it and you’ll make a wiser choice next time xx

LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs

Its amazing what we do just out of pure habit as well! :-) x


It is so easily done.


AT least you only ate one! 🤣

HAHA 😂very true!!

I hope it has done you no psychological damage... it would have been nice if you could have enjoyed it!

I ate a (small) box of chocolates the other day - but it did not seem to affect my weight.


I think we all have done that at some point we do it without realising we have done it. It is also a habit that I think a lot of us need to sort out. At least you only had 1 it could have been a lot worse . You take care. 😊

Actually I think that taking just one chocolate before you left work was a great idea . Much better than guzzling six of them throughout the day !! That could be a good plan for any of us when facing sweetie temptation at work... just promise ourselves ONE chocolate to go home with !

Lol maybe tell yourself one at home time but hope they are all gone by then OR try to use the time to mindfully decide not to bother after all!

I think I was dazzled by the fancy packaging as they just look so deluxe and they are usually spotted as gifts around Xmas or birthdays! Times when you give yourself permission to say yes!

But it wasn't worth it! I learned my lesson that A: if your gonna cheat then make sure you enjoy it. And B: be mindful about if it's even worth the 2 seconds of gobbling down in the first place lol.

Good news is I reckon I will resist other temptations now!

Very valid points CrimsonMama.


One chocolate isn't going to sabotage all your good work. Don't beat yourself up about it and learn to enjoy food on a healthy eating way of life rather than the word diet . Congrats to what you have achieved so far well done .

Jints15 stone

The saying of old habits die hard is so true. But you have now created an awareness and won't do it again . Which turns this into a positive xx


Old habits die hard, I discovered recently I can still eat a whole packet of custard creams, now that was pretty stupid but hey it happened so lesson learnt and it didn't stop me getting back to losing weight. So acknowledge it (as you have done), be aware, and next time make sure you savour it :O

It’s so easy to do this, and not even enjoy it, but at least it was only one. It’s much better, as you say, to take the time to enjoy a treat, but old habits die hard. It’s a very good point about mindful eating, I’ll remember that next time I’m tempted.

Dilemma1Restart May 2020

Good to see your post here. It will certainly help me to think before I needlessly grab a quick snack/treat that I don't really want/need - which i've certainly done before and will perhaps do again when not thinking.

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Dilemma1

Hello, Dilemma1, and welcome back to the forum 😊

You will find that if you have filling, satisfying meals you won't need to eat between times. You might find these interesting

I see you were here a long time ago so this welcome pack explains how the forum works and how to find your way around Please take your time reading it so you get the best out of your time here. I recommend joining a weekly weigh in on the day of your choice and using the Daily Diary to post your meal plans.

For your privacy and safety online, we suggest that you lock your posts by selecting ‘members of my community’ when you write a new post. Please read our security post here

Wishing you every success in reaching your goals 😊

PS Please DO NOT use the HU App as it doesn’t give access to most of the important areas of the forum. Use the website with whatever device you’re using

Dilemma1Restart May 2020 in reply to BridgeGirl

Thanks for the info and the links BridgeGirl - the article and comments made for interesting reading.

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Dilemma1

I hope you find the way forward 😊


I dunno. I think it's a bit sad that we're made to feel guilty about this sort of thing, which will have had zero effect on your long-term weight.

It's not a "waste of calories", and the extra exercise was technically unnecessary, because it just doesn't work like that. It's just a chocolate. We should be able to enjoy a chocolate now and then. It's not like you guzzled the whole box :) In fact I think you can congratulate yourself for taking only one!

Don't beat yourself up. It's not healthy to berate yourself over something that's neither a moral failure nor a setback in your weightloss routine.

But yeah, if you're going to have a chocolate, take the time to taste it ;)

Lol I eat a lot of chocolate! Daily! But it's planned and I sit down and enjoy every mouthful! This one was just stupid as I was so mindless about it that I consumed the calories without even feeling like I had eaten it as it was gone that fast!

TheAwfulToadMaintainer in reply to CrimsonMama

LOL - in that case, you're a bad, bad bunny :)

If you can curb your routine chocolate habit (which generally boils down to having proper meals) the occasional chocolate becomes a lot more enjoyable. You'll savour it just because it's infrequent.

sunny3692 stone

ah - so true :)

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