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End of week one! / Gym or swim?

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Hello all, I hope you’re well :)

Today marks the first week of healthy eating and....moderate exercise 🙄😂

I weighed 11st 7lbs at the beginning of the week, and now I’m 11st 3lbs!!! I’m so proud of myself 4lbs is a great amount to lose in a week 😊 I’ve also managed to shed 3cm from my waistline going from 82cm to 79cm which I can notice since all the bloating has gone.

Although I’m proud, I don’t feel I’m doing myself justice. I hate exercise and feel like bambi on ice! So I was thinking of either joining a gym which I can get to after a day at work or, a swimming pool that I’ll have to catch an extra bus to get to. As much as I love swimming and don’t really class it as exercise, I’m not sure if I have enough time in the day to go... but I hate standard exercise methods . Any advice? (Not to mention swimming is £31 a month!! The gym is only £13.99!)

Thank you 😊 you’ve all helped me achieve this ❤️

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Well done on a great week! I bet you are really pleased!

In terms of swim or gym, it's up to you...whatever you prefer to do, both are great exercise.

Do some gyms not have swimming pools? Would it be worth looking and of you find one with both then you can do them both 🙂

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kirstywoods37lbs in reply to

The swimming pool does have a gym. But, the gym (which is easier to get to) doesn’t have a swimming pool! ☹️ that’s why I’m so conflicted.

I was thinking maybe exercise classes would help from the gym to stop me feeling like I don’t know what I’m doing and I could do the C25K on a treadmill too, ah well. I’ll figure it out when I get paid 😂 and thank you! It means a lot ❤️

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Well done kirstywoods3, your fellow Wobble Warriors will be delighted for you! :)

Exercise needs to be something that you'll enjoy and will continue to do, so don't start anything you'll hate and won't still be doing next year.

Walking is excellent exercise, doesn't cost a penny and can be done any time any place. Why not start there? :)

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kirstywoods37lbs in reply to moreless

I did start going on the exercise bike, for 15ish minutes a day when i did it and waking to work from the bus stop briskly and the way to it too. I’m not a total slugger and i naturally walk pretty fast anyway, it’s just pushing through that pain I can’t do ☹️ and thank you 😊❤️

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There are lots of exercises you can do at home Kirsty, I have an exercise bike, but there are walking videos online (look up Lesley Sansome Happy Walk) plus some Strength and Flex videos on the NHS Choices. nhs.uk/Video/Pages/strength...

However, if you feel joining a class will motivate you more, and help consistency, then do that 😊. As Morelss says, it needs to be something you enjoy and can do on a regular basis. Have to signed up for the C25k podcasts?

Ps don’t forget to join in with our exercise challenges 😊

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kirstywoods37lbs in reply to IndigoBlue61

I have the podcasts app so yeah I have them, but I don’t see how I can walk at home? On the spot? Just doesn’t seem like I’d be doing anything .. I think I’ll just go swimming if it needs to be something I enjoy, as there’s a gym too so it’s both

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gman1961Restart April 2021

Great result,

I'd opt for the gym.


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