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Ready and Willing to go

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I hope yous all had a fab Christmas & New Years Eve.

Today I've filled my Calendar in ready for all important dates, I've done my FODMAP list so I know what foods I can eat and instead of giving myself resolutions that I know I'll give up on, I've set myself January Goals, hopefully having monthly goals will keep me focused.

1 Treadmill 5 days a week 30-60 mins

2 Drink at least 2 litres of Water Daily

3 No EXTRA sugar

4 Do something Crafty on Weekends

(Get Hooky Art Finished)

2019 Here I come πŸ˜€

4 Replies

Hi, JOPAT111, Happy New Year.

I put my (target) weights in my e-diary months in advance, as an instruction, e.g.

"weigh 16St 1lb", and then, on the day, I just add the "t" to get:

"weight 16St 1lb". It has worked almost every week for six months.

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JOPAT111 in reply to S11m

I'm hoping to shift from the 13st mark, been this weight for years now. I don't weigh myself though,I know I should join in with the weigh ins on here but I tend to see how I feel in my clothes😊 the scales only come out a couple of times a year.

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margary in reply to S11m

Good idea.

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Happy New Year to you as well and also to the kitties tigga and mozza!

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