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Need help

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Johnnylewis2020 October

Right I've started 16/8 diet. hours of eating seem to be 12-8. Now that's what the app set. I run 3 times a week which is usually early in morning. I also go to gym for strength twice a week after work. Usually 8pm. Is my 12 till 8 OK or do I need to tweek it? I can't tweek when I run or go to gym as I'm working around alot of things and these suit. I hope I make sense

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You posted about this a week ago and several people replied. Was any of that helpful?

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Johnnylewis2020 October in reply to BridgeGirl

I did but that was to see if the diet was any good. I decided to try it, but was thinking about my eating times and fasting times. Is my eating times OK to get the benifets for my running and gym training

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BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Johnnylewis

Good to hear those replies were helpful.

I'm afraid I'm not big on exercise so can't answer your specific enquiry. Good luck

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Hi, I actually find my fasted state running times are better than if I eat.

Strength training at the end of the eating window should be fine as you'll have just refuelled.

Goid luck!

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Johnnylewis2020 October in reply to Stoozie


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13ValerieHealthy BMI

It sounds sensible so why not try it and see how it goes?

I fast 10:00 to 14:00... but whatever works for you.

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