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Best low cal "drownie" recipe!!!


For all the dark chocolate lovers.... This is an amazing recipe for dark chocolate vegan and no-bake brownies... They are SOOO good and So healthy!


4 dates 100 kl

1+1/2 walnuts 60 Kl

2 tbs cocoa powder 25 kl (+extra cocoa)

1 teasp water


Put all in a mixer and mix until uniform. Place a tiny layer of cocoa powder on a baking sheet and then put mix on top with a spoon (consistence is quite dense) and spread it into a big square. Cover this with a thin layer of cocoa powder. In fridge for 2 hours, then cut in 4... Amazing brownies!!!

Kl tot= 185/4= 47 kl per Drownie!

Let me know if any of you tried it, I highly reccomend it!!!

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Well, that sounds simple!! 4 ingredients as well!! Have you made this? Can you share a pic?

Misslovely6lbs in reply to Hidden

Oh yes a pic would be great too !

Hidden in reply to Misslovely

If these look good and work out thats us sorted Misslovely - roasted chickpeas for savoury and drownie for cakey snacks!


Misslovely6lbs in reply to Hidden


Laura4fit in reply to Misslovely

Unfortunately no pics but the memory in my mind! However I PROMISE you won't be disappointed! X

That sounds interesting! Ill be having a go at these soon 😍

oo they sound nice! Thanks

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