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Feel anxious


Really upsetr with my living situation and not getting a place to live, also not getting a job. Feel exhausted that I don’t want to try anymore and just live in this rat hole. Feel very weak all the time, no energy,, eating too much and I just don’t care, feeling lonely and have no friends or family close by, feeling isolated. All I have is my cat, nobody wants to take me in, feel very frustrated. Peace and ❤️,midnight blue

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You sound very down Midnightblue1. Can you speak to a 'real' person sometime today so they can give you more help based on your whole circumstances?

I'm sure things will improve and once they start to change will be much better. I wonder if you could find better housing if you moved to a different area? Maybe back, closer to your family?

There are clearing places at colleges and universities, could you become a student?

Maybe Citizens Advice or your GP would talk through some possibilities with you.

Take care and let us know how it's going.

S11m in reply to Livbike

Hi, Livbike,

In a previous post he said he had moved to Victoria, BC (Canada).

Does anyone know what support organizations operate over there?


Sorry that you are feeling so down.Am sending you lots of virtual hugs!

Please look after yourself and please make an appointment eithyour GP.

Sorry to hear what you're going through and that you're feeling down. Sending you hugs too.

Thanks drygin and rachiegirl for the kind words might go to a walk in clinic tomorrow because I have to stay home all day because the bug inspector is coming today to see the kinds of bugs we have and what they are going to do about it . I’m paying $1,200 for a bug and rodent infested one room in a shared house . Getting sick daily

Ali_B621 stone

Aawww, Midnightblue, please don't give up! You have friends right here. Hope you got some help at the walk-in clinic and that you make progress with your living conditions. Sending you lots of hugs. :-)

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