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Week 2 no change


So completed the second week and i weighed myself and I’m exactly the same weight as I was last week. I’m not going to be disheartened as it’s not a gain. My plan to take it easy with the alcohol last weekend....complete fail! I got quite drunk on Saturday for my friends 50th and then on Sunday I got very drunk at the boardmasters festival. So I have t exactly been great, although on the Sunday at the festival I did clock up 9 miles of walking/dancing.

I did my 3 gym sessions and I wouldn’t say I have eaten excessively (although I haven’t logged this week)...it’s also been that time of the month. Does anyone else gain weight during their period? And if so how long does it take to shift?

Starting today i’m going to be more accurate about logging my food intake and try and drink more water... I am aiming for 3 gym sessions again this week, and fingers crossed I see a result on the scales next Sunday.

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Did you mean to post this on the Sunday weigh-in thread, k_v_h?

K_v_h3lbs in reply to moreless

Yes I did...I do sometimes find it hard to navigate

morelessAdministrator in reply to K_v_h

If you have to fill out a template, complete with a title, then you're starting your own thread. Ignore the 'write' button, as that means write a new post, not write a reply.


The calorie recommendations churned out by the web sites are only guidelines - it you are not losing a pound a week, eat (or drink) less.

¿How many calories of boose did you consume, or were you too drunk to count?

K_v_h3lbs in reply to S11m

I didn’t bother counting to be honest


Well done for not getting disheartened. Scale weight can fluctuate especially at TOTM. By the way, exercise is the perfect antidote around this time, something to do with helping blood supply to the abdominal muscles 😊

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