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Can trampolining help you lose weight?

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Hi all, just got a trampoline for my Daughter and decided I quite like jumping on it too! Could this be the exercise I actually like doing...? Was loads of fun. Hoping it aids my weight loss 😀

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Hello Hidden , what you eat is far more important in weight loss than exercise, but exercise is good in itself, and anything that you enjoy and will stick with is a good option.

What could really help you is getting more involved with the forum e.g. the Daily Diary, challenges and all the conversations that go on every day :)

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I am not an expert but did they years ago used to have trampolining classes to help lose weight, it was the little round ones? Anything that gets you more active is a good thing and could be the start to help inspire you to more things.

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Yes they did and you can buy those mini ones called rebounders sometimes from places that sell exercise stuff :)

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That is them :D

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Trampolining for 20 minutes can earn you 82 calories! Go for it Hidden !

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Thankyou that’s great to hear! 😀

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You’re joking aren’t you - trampolining is absolutely exhausting! It will definitely help! I suspect it will particularly help to tone your muscles, and muscle development can help burn more fat. Besides, it’s so much fun!

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Does anyone know if there is a difference for calorie burn in using a kids trampoline or a rebounder?

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Any exercise that gets your heart rate up will burn calories and improve health

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If it's exercise you like then go for it . Depends how big the trampoline is as just bouncing on the spot may be boring . There are plenty of adult classes then you could practice on yours . If you actually learn the twists and turns then this will help with flexibility too . Food obviously is the major in weight loss but I find exercise really motivates me to feel good too .

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All activity helps and trampoline exercise would be great for the core too. As is laughing 😀

Have loads of fun!!

And stay safe!

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I have a rebounder- unexpectedly I found it really helped with ‘urgency’ and strengthened my pelvic floor - so no operation required.

Also, there are exercises on YouTube.

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jo13bi2 stone

I do rebounding which is a workout on a trampoline and it is the best workout I have ever done for toning and fat burning. It's different from normal trampoline in that you try to stay low then you really feel it in your legs.

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Hi, that sounds great I have seen the small trampolines too. Have just done another twenty minutes and my legs are hurting so I must be doing something right! 😀

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Well obviously it's fun and definitely not damaging your own fitness goals. Enjoy the experience with your child and any fitness /weight loss results are a bonus. The 2 of you bouncing around is a bonding thing..... having fun together.... But so would be having a hot chocolate and doughnuts brunch at the weekend. Guess what is healthy? You are not just exercising, you're educating future generations about showing love without food. Carry on!

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Trampoline is very beneficial for our health. By exercising on a trampoline we can burn fat, If we do daily exercise like jumps, running and healthy diet then it's easy to loss weight.

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Hi and welcome, EmmaSmith4 :)

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