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Can not lose weight

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I would love to lose 60 KG but cannot lose anything even when I try eating less.

I know that to lose weight you have to do more exercise than the food you eat butt my problem is that my back is broke in 4 places and most of my joints have been damaged this all happened in a accident whilst I was in the army.

Now I have so much pain when I am standing up that I can not stand up for much more than a few minutes except when I have something to lean on like a shopping trolly and even with something to lean on if I am upright more than a few minutes the next day I cannot even manage to get dressed so all I can manage is to make a cup of tea and sit down for the rest of the day except for getting a ready meal from the freezer and put it in the microwave which is what I eat every day except for Sundays where my ex invites me round for Sunday lunch which is the only time Iget to speak with someone (which is nothing to do with weight loss) so I know I could not eat much less (and stay alive) So does anyone know of a way for me to lose any weight?

Regards Poppy Ann

11 Replies
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Dear Poppy_Ann,

Losing weight is much more complicated than the 'Eat less, move more' mantra that we're all told and here are a few things for you to read that may help:

I wonder if you could speak to your GP about the struggle you're having with your mobility, because maybe there's some assistance you could be getting?

You may find this inspiring too

You could become more active on the forum, because everything here is designed to help you lose weight, have a look in Pinned Posts and Topics

Wishing you all the best :)

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Hi Poppy_Ann Sorry to read you're struggling. It sounds as though your life is quite restricted at the moment with your horrible injury.

There is a school of thought that while exercise is good for us it doesn't actually help that much with weight loss. I remember going like mad on an exercise bike for 20 minutes only to find out I had lost the equivalent of half a digestive biscuit. 😆

I am not an exerciser, in fact I'm a lazy mare, but despite that I have managed to lose 27 pounds since last May, just by making careful eating choices and weighing myself everyday. So I know its possible. For me it's important to not feel hungry so I fill up on veg and high fibre foods but others on here do low carb. As Moreorless has said there is plenty of help and encouragement on here whatever you decide, so get involved, it will help your mind set and resolve. Good luck. By the way my joints are feeling much better now they don't have to carry all that extra weight.

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Hi @Poppy_Ann, great that you are here and writing to us. I feel for you not being able to get around easily and in such pain! I've just rejoined and am finding the support is one of the best parts of losing weight.

Having yoyo-ed all my life I can honestly say that it seems to happen when we 'feel' good. So the priority first might be to feel good about things. When we feel good we can do so much more. Connecting with other people can be really helpful with that too. And I have heard that sleeping well also helps us lose weight ( or rather not sleeping well makes it much harder to lose weight). I picked up a diet book for almost nothing in the local charity shop and it got me started. I haven't even cooked anything from the book yet but it was all about foods that make us happy by sending signals to the brain!

So I'm writing an article on that at the moment and it's helping me keep track of what foods are good for us to eat. If you're into the science of food that could get you focussed on making good food choices - you might be missing out on some treats, or on quantities of food you could get away with enjoying as a treat without ruining a diet.

I agree with @moreless on losing weight being much more complicated...I really want to find a lifestyle that works rather than a strict diet where I feel I'm missing out.

I think connecting with as many people here can help you feel good, and find little gems that will help you along the way. And maybe do something for your own self care ( not to do with food at all!) that makes you feel good.

Glad to meet you :))

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Poppy_Ann in reply to fromcooktochef

Hi there, you say sleeping well helps loose weight which for me is a difficult thing as all my life I have had trouble with sleeping when I go to bed I can lay there for hours and not get to sleep so now I tend to read insted of just wasting the time waiting for tomorrow to arrive I recently got one of the better smart watches which tracks your sleep pattern and it keeps all of the information for months it tells me I average between 1 ½ to 5minutes a night for deep sleep 2 minutes of rem sleep and as long as I stop moving it says I get 3 to 4 hours of light sleep a night so not the best sleeper in the world, I think my body is wired up a little different than most, even in winter I have to have a fan on during the night also very seldom do I need the heating on as my body tends to run a little hotter than most, last year I had to have a colonoscopy and the day before you can not eat much and you have a ltr of laxative when I went they asked if I had had very loose movements and I told them I had not been for the last 4 days but the doctor still wanted to do the colonoscopy anyway but straight away he could not go more than a few inches he asked if I was sure I had taken the laxative I said yes even though it had a very bad taste he said they would arrange for another one but with a different laxative but it was the same thing in the end he asked if I was willing to try again but with taking the normal laxative for 7 days before and on the last day to take the strongest one they had but it was almost as bad until 7 days after it was over that anything happened and even then it was not like having diarrhoea it just was easier to go I suggested that I take it from 2 weeks before then for me to give them a call if anything happened but for them to do it that way they would have to keep an appointment free for 7 days or more but he said that they would discharge me and try again when the next bowl cancer screening came about then if I still needed it they were willing to try the way I suggested, I had told them I normally only go once a week for most of my life it was regular for me even if most other people go every day or two I did not have consterpation I always thought everyone was the same I said why on earth would people wast so much time sat on the toilet every day.

And again I have gone off topic my mind keeps forgetting what I was doing, my daughter tels me I am a horder like you see on the TV but to me a harder is someone who keeps piles of old newspapers and magazines which have no use and no value I just told her that all I have is new things that I intended building but got side tracked and did not finish, but on taking a step back I am thinking that she may be right even though some of them are worth thousands of pounds and I would love to be able to finish them off I doubt I will ever manage to do them, the only problem is that I cannot manage to sort them all out but I hate to think of anyone else going through them all as not many people would know the value of them except for anouther model builder so I will have to try and find someone who is intrested in them but I have no idea how to find someone who would be interested.

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fromcooktochef3kg in reply to Poppy_Ann

You've just said it. We're all different aren't we, and we're all complicated if I can say that too. It takes a while to get to know ourselves but I guess, like sorting the models out, it's just about doing it one little piece at a time. (not sure what the models are of but maybe see if anyone you know can get the models on ebay or a marketplace or something for you!)

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As others have said, losing weight is more about what you eat, not necesarilly how much you eat and if you're keeping off the bad things (which is the most important thing to do) your eating impulses will change and you will find the urge to snack diminishes. Improving your diet may require a bit of ingenuity if you find it dificult to cook from scratch but try to eat healthier and as you health improves and your weight comes down youll find it easier.

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Hi poppy-Anne. ,S W diet is a cert. if you follow it and don’t overeat on the quantities they give,THERE IS NO WAY YOU WOULDNT loose weight.It’s the slowest process there is loosing weight. It takes determination and tenacity.

But like all good things if you wait long enough you’ll get your desire.

It’s tough love though.

Exercise can follow when your limbs are less heavy and then the weight loss will probably restart. There’s no miracle way to reduce your body weight, it’s self motivation. I really wish you all the strength and positivity you will need.

Of course,I’ve done it myself,I’m not a mouth spouting do gooder,

But it can be done. Message me anytime you feel things are slipping and will always reply.

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to Vacyone

Hi Vacyone, thanks for your support. You don't mention if you're just visiting or,if you would like to join us. Whichever way is fine by us. I see that you haven't been around for a while and some things have changed on the forum. I hope you can still find your way around, if you can't, just shout. :)

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VacyoneVisitor in reply to TheTabbyCat

Hi, I’m part of the site. I joined about seven years ago. When I had my ajuvenant chemo after bowel cancer. I don’t go on site as much as I should really but, I think it’s an amazing site for support and caring for anyone who feels they need it.

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Hi Poppy, reading hjskev post is absolutely right, you do have to find a the foods hjskev suggested and keep you full for longer, if you go to low on your calorie intake it usually just make you pick, I would not go to mad with exercise, if and when you can try to walk walk and walk. All the best, Martin.

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Many thanks to everyone for their replies, sorry it took me so long to reply every time I got a reply and I came on the site I could not work out how to get to the correct page which I accept must be my own fault I use to be quite good with computers in the past but as I get older I think I must be like a old computer with its hard drive full and a slow cpu, now I know why I use to think older people are slow in everything they do but now I am one of the older people even though I think I have not slowed down its just that younger people are just faster now a days.It looks like I have waffled off topic again, there are two problems with me first is my lack of exercise and second due to my life being what it is living on my own and seldom going out I tend to eat to pass the time I tend to only go out once a week for Sunday lunch except for that the only other time I go out is once a month to the chemist to collect my meds I now accept I suffer from depression which I always thought anyone with depression could stop having on their own just by their self and to stop thinking how bad off they were but with the way my life has become and like most people I tend not to admit to others the way I am now, in the past I was very out going and had lots of hobbies and activities that I liked to do but due to my disabilitys bending, lifting and moving around has become very difficult and painful so I have not been doing anything with my time.

And again I have gone off topic I will try eating less and will try getting a exercise bike and use it for a couple of month's along with eating less in between meals then will report back with results, I feel better just writing on here.

Again thanks for your replys regards Poppy Ann

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