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Daily Diary Monday 30th October

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Hi everyone!

Welcome to the daily diary for Monday!

If you are joining us for the first time, a big welcome to you.

This is where we post our meal plan for the following day with if possible our calorie count for each meal and the total calorie range for the day.

I find it a great source of inspiration for myself.

If you are planning to excercise it would be very useful to tell us what you have planned.

Please can I ask you all to comment on at least one other persons post.

I am following the Blood Sugar diet so 800 calories a day is my limit.

Tomorrow looks like this:

Bfast - Greek yogurt with nuts, seeds & berries 200

Lunch - Prawn, pea & spring onion salad 300

Dinner - Pork steaks in mustard sauce

Total - 790

Exercise - either a 45 min swim or a gym session

Have a great Monday!

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Thank you dazzle a great poster for visual reminders. I will be back with my menu for tomorrow later...

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Thanks for hosting, dazzle, and for posting early. How are you getting on with the BSD? I'm umming and ahhing about it at the moment!

I have a scary hospital appointment tomorrow morning that I'm expecting will go into the afternoon. I'm bringing a selection of nice munchy things for lunch if needed, or (hopefully) the appt is short and sweet I can have it at home!

B - fried egg and mushrooms, sourdough toast with butter, 298

L - spinach and hard boiled egg, banana, almonds and salted milk chocolate, 350

D - Bolognese with green beans and grated cheese, 467

After late shift - hot cross bun and butter, 248.

A little on the low side at 1363.

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Villageduckpond in reply to Hidden

Hidden ...... all the very best tomorrow. I shall be thinking of you :)

Your menu sounds delicious and you definitely deserve the hot cross bun in my book :)

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Ceals3 stone in reply to Hidden

Hope all goes well at the appointment. Food sounds lovely. Love the Bologna season with green beans

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dazzle in reply to Hidden

Hi Hidden

I am getting on well with BSD thank you. I was suffering from fatigue & also 3.00pm binges. I feel so much better now.

I am only halfway through the book but, it does make sense.

My menu is taken from the recipe book which has some really nice recipes in it.

I hope your appointment is short & sweet!

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wakywoo1 stone in reply to Hidden

I hope goes well at the hospital Hidden

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Caroline62Ambassador in reply to Hidden

Hope your hospital appointment goes well

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Active_43Healthy BMI in reply to Hidden

Good luck at the hospital

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Hidden in reply to Hidden

Thanks for the good wishes. My first time doing the whole mammogram thing! I had a biopsy too, results in a fortnight.

Excellent poster dazzle and thank you for hosting.

Had a slighty boring day doing necessary chores in the house and garden and so am not feeling very inspired at the moment. Anyway here goes:-

B - porridge with fruit and two coffees

L - Leek and potato soup, tuna salad and yoghurt

S - the remains of what I am cooking tonight which is a hotch potch of chicken, shallots and mushrooms with peas and mashed potato, apple crumble (f I can be bothered) with cream

Snacks - fruit

Water - I have now taken to drinking it half cold and half boiled which I find more comforting in this getting chillier weather

Exercise - no clue at the moment but possibly a walk in the morning or afternoon

Enjoy your Monday everyone and for those who still work have a good week :)

I feel the same with all the household chores I did today, Vdp!

I'm glad it's Monday tomorrow and I can get back to work for some rest :D

Thanks for the water tip.

Love it!

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Ceals3 stone in reply to Villageduckpond

Hope you enjoy your day when you get to it VDP

Really good idea Villageduckpond to use half warm & half cold water. Might try that.

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wakywoo1 stone in reply to Villageduckpond

Sounds a lovely comforting menu Villageduckpond

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Active_43Healthy BMI in reply to Villageduckpond

Think of all that stuff ticked off the dull list though! I love it!

Never a truer word!

Thanks for hosting dazzle. I hope to eat "forward food" on Monday.

B. Oatmeal, tea

Possibly a large apple

L. Kale and lentil stew

T. Potatoes, lentil stew and salad. Water, tea.

Exercise: Couch 2 5 K

Have a happy Monday:)

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Ceals3 stone in reply to tidirhin2548

Love the kale and lentil stew.

Enjoy your run.

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dazzle in reply to tidirhin2548

That is certainly a good example of ‘forward’ food @tidihrin

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Ceals3 stone

Good planning your food sounds lovely.

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Enjoy your day dazzle😀 I have a basic plan for meals ( meat/ protein)but leave the detail until I cook. Going to work it all out in advance this week and see how it works for me. Will be an interesting experience and a first. That’s me going to be busy for the next few hours lol

Thank you for hosting. No exercise day of rest for me.

Breakfast- egg, bacon on a gluten free roll (change from my oatmeal) 365

Lunch- baked potato with tuna sweet corn 302

Dinner- steamed veggies and potatoes with baked fish 450 I'm guessing?

Snacks- fruits, popcorn, flap jack 318

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dazzle in reply to ShadowDee

Hi ShadowDee

Love the sound of your dinner. I steam all my vegetables, so healthy!

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ShadowDee in reply to dazzle

Love my steamer I put my eggs in it too. I put a couple in for 10 minutes and their done in time with my toast and coffee.

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dazzle in reply to ShadowDee

Never occurred to me to cook eggs in it as well! Thank you for the tip

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wakywoo1 stone

Thanks for hosting dazzle. Very good poster. I am also on the blood sugar diet and just starting week 3. How far along are you? I have managed to survive a 21st birthday weekend and avoid a chocolate explosion cake!


B - boiled egg 70

Lunch - veg soup, coconut muffin with turkey and tomato 270

D - cottage pie with celeriac mash and cauliflower - 290

S - Greek yog and fig, almond latte - 210

Total 840

Ex netball and Pilates

Have a good Monday everyone.

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rutheliza1lb in reply to wakywoo

nice menu, wackywoo. I've never had coconut muffins before, sounds good

wakywoo profile image
wakywoo1 stone in reply to rutheliza

I found it on slimspirational grub - a member of bsd group. Lots of other good things too.

The recipe is dead easy and takes less than 5 minutes!! You will need a microwave and a round shaped glass or plastic microwave proof tuppleware about muffin sized.

Almond flour serves 1 - 195 calories

1 egg

1.5 tsp melted butter or coconut oil

2 tbsn almond flour

1 tsp milk

1/2 tsp baking powder

Dash salt

Coconut flour serves 1 - 145 calories

1 egg

1.5 tsp melted butter or coconut oil

1 tbsn coconut flour

1 tsp milk

1/2 tsp baking powder

Dash salt

Mix the melted butter, milk and egg briefly in the ramekin, add the flour, baking powder and salt and mix well till combined. The coconut flour will be clumpier so mix it well. Zap in the microwave for 1 and a half minutes. Allow to cool for a minute or so and turn out. Leave to cool for a further 2 minutes before slicing in half and toasting lightly.

I prefer the coconut one.

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dazzle in reply to wakywoo

Hi wakywoo

I am starting the 3rd week of the BSD. I have got on well with it & love the recipe book.

I don’t find it hard at all sticking to 800 cals as I thought I would.

How are you getting on?

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wakywoo1 stone in reply to dazzle

Sounds like we are at the same stage. Finding it much easier than expected, but do need to plan and prepare at the weekend.

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lomarstar1lb in reply to wakywoo

Cottage pie - yum may have ton make this later in the week

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Ceals3 stone

Thanks for hosting dazzle I definitely want to be eating forward food.

i have just come back from holiday and have managed not put nothing on, and indeed lose 0.25lbs, very pleased. So I am going to try something new.

I have not been able to count calories whilst I have been away I just had to rely on my (now) reasonably well developed sense of what is good for me and make sensible choices. Hence I am going to try not counting calories for two weeks (if my nerve will stand it that long). It will be an interesting experiment.

So for tomorrow...

Brunch: Crispy lamb fillet with spinach and avocado, (gosh I have missed my avocado whilst I have been away).

Dinner: Chick pea, turmeric and quinoa stew with sprouts, tender stem broccoli and cabbage.

Interestingly, I only ate two meals per day whilst I was away - breakfast and dinner so I think two good meals per day suits me.

Looking forward to getting back into the swing of planning and feeling pleased i stocked up the freezer before I went away!

My tip would be understand yourself and your eating habits.

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rutheliza1lb in reply to Ceals

hi ceals, well done on losing whilst on holiday, that is impressive. It'll be interesting to see how you get on over the next 2 weeks, hope it goes well

Ceals profile image
Ceals3 stone in reply to rutheliza

Yes, rutheliza i am a little nervous about it but really want to give it a go.

dazzle profile image
dazzle in reply to Ceals

Hope you had a lovely holiday Ceals

I always look forward to my holidays but, equally I do like getting back into a routine which includes planning my meals & cooking in my own kitchen!

Ceals profile image
Ceals3 stone in reply to dazzle

Yes it is good to be back to planning - even if I am doing it slightly differently.

Holiday was fabulous thank you.

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kiwikyd-nz in reply to Ceals

I like your tip Ceals. I am finding out about myself all the time. It's funny, but I used to think tracking your food was a waste of time but now know that if I don't unhelpful things end up on my plate. Also know too many carbs make me bloated and sabotage any good intentions.

Getting better slowly :D

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Ceals3 stone in reply to kiwikyd-nz

So agree with you about tracking what we eat/drink. I never would have thought I would ever do it - never mind find it useful!

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wakywoo1 stone in reply to Ceals

That's great Ceals losing weight on holiday!

Ceals profile image
Ceals3 stone in reply to wakywoo

Stunned - but I will happily take it!

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SalcheqRestart Nov 2020 in reply to Ceals

Good luck with your experiment Ceals, fabulous sounding meals as ever, crispy lamb fillet brunch sounds amazing. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

Ceals profile image
Ceals3 stone in reply to Salcheq

Holiday was fab thanks. It is a real fingers crossed experiment - ridiculously nervous about it - but I have just done it for ten days in a hotel with amazing food so i just need to knuckle down and do it!

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Ruth_canal_runner1lb in reply to Ceals

Good luck for dropping the calorie counting over the next two weeks Ceals. I stopped calorie counting as soon as I could, around 2 years ago, and have returned to counting for a few weeks here and there (as needed), but as you say that awareness is there now. It's good to maybe re-check things every few weeks or so (your two week initial trial sounds perfect). But watch out for 'portion creep' - it can happen to the best of us :o

Ceals profile image
Ceals3 stone in reply to Ruth_canal_runner

Sound advice as always Ruth. I guess the scales will soon let me know but the trick will be not letting there be a scale creep in tandem with a portion creep. I lose weight so very slowly but can put it on very quickly!

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palcareteach7lbs in reply to Ceals

Really good to lose whilst on holiday....you are so right about understanding yourself....im a newbie but all the posts here help answer the question for myself

hi dazzle and thanks for hosting. I've had a good day today and stuck to target. Tomorrow will be

B- overnight oats with peanut butter, banana 350, half grapefruit 25

L- home made veg soup 200

D- lasagne with those sheets of butternut squash instead of pasta 450

stewed rhubarb, guessing it's about 70

snacks - apple, carrot 50

tea and coffee 150

target of 1700, so may need to have extra snacks. Following a birthday, the house is full of cake, chocolates, wine and coca cola. I can resist the coke, I've put the cake in the freezer and I'm taking the chocs into work tomorrow, so hopefully I will avoid caving in. Hope everyone has a good day

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wakywoo1 stone in reply to rutheliza

Well done rutheliza - getting rid of temptation is a good idea. I have cleared the house of 21st birthday cake and left over choc bars are for the trick or treaters!

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Ceals3 stone in reply to rutheliza

Love the sound of your lasagne, never had it with butternut squash sheets, bet it is lovely.

Well done for dealing with all the birthday goodies.

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SalcheqRestart Nov 2020 in reply to rutheliza

Oooh, lasagne with butternut squash, bet that is amazing. Great willpower with the cake.

I love stewed rhubarb, have some home grown in the freezer, so might stew some up later this week, great idea.

Hi rutheliza

I must try the lasagne. Sounds really nice!

Well it's Monday already and I've been at work for an hour and a half. Resetting again today after a not so good weekend food wise.

Missed breakfast due to catching up with dishes and washing.

Munching on a few strawberries at the moment.

Lunch - Nori and salmon rolls (have brought nori sheets, salmon and salad veges to work to make)

Banana and apple for later.

Dinner - Left over sweet and sour chicken (minus the sweet and sour) probably in flavoured tomatoes with veges.

No idea of calories. Not counting today. Back to a bit more planning tonight.

Back to finishing putting bark in the garden (great having longer daylight hours). Five hours spent on it so far.

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Tiggerr6kg in reply to kiwikyd-nz

Well done on the reset.

Intriguing that you're into your working day on Monday and I've still to go to sleep on the Sunday.

Well done on organising a great sounding lunch that you can put together at work.

Good luck with your garden and not at all jealous about your extra daylight... it felt like 9p.m. today and it wasn't even 6 :(

kiwikyd-nz profile image
kiwikyd-nz in reply to Tiggerr

Sun sets around 7ish but heading toward 9pm setting. Makes it hard for Guy Fawkes so most people wait till the weekend when the kids can stay up later.

Looking forward to finishing the garden. Walking around today like I'm 90 lol

Tiggerr profile image
Tiggerr6kg in reply to kiwikyd-nz

I know that '90' feeling, every time I mow the lawn :)

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Ceals3 stone in reply to kiwikyd-nz

Lunch sounds fabulous, might have to pinch that one.

Thanks dazzle ... after a week of poor choices, I needed a little refocusing on how to view my food. Loving that labeling technique and will try to hang on to it.

B: 25g porridge, fruit & cinnamon. Tom juice & worc sauce, chai latte and coffees

L: Depends upon what's on the dinner menu where I'm working but will decline dessert.

S: Timpana with veg curry.

Other drinks: Diet tonic & angostura, water and more coffees

Ex: Jogging (until I'm weary... currently doesn't take too long)

Good eating everyone.

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SalcheqRestart Nov 2020 in reply to Tiggerr

Good luck with the jogging Tiggerr, I'm starting again this week although I expect it will be more of a walk to start with. Must remember to put cinnamon on my porridge, bet that is lovely.

Hope you have some good menu choices for your lunch.

Tiggerr profile image
Tiggerr6kg in reply to Salcheq

Thanks Salcheq

I find the cinnamon almost as much of an addiction as the porridge. I did try other spices at the beginning of my porridge journey but I didn't like them enough to even use them occasionally for variation.

Lunch is at an old people's home and they always have one or two of the 'old classics'... nomnomnom!

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Ceals3 stone in reply to Tiggerr

Hope the jogging goes well.

Well done for planning in advance not to have dessert - I find it a real bonus to have decided that I will not be eating dessert before I go to eat anywhere. On a very rare occasion the decision will be that I am eating dessert - but then I do it very mindfully.

kiwikyd-nz profile image
kiwikyd-nz in reply to Tiggerr

I love googling some of the foods that are mentioned on here. Things i have never heard of. Timpana looks yum :)

Tiggerr profile image
Tiggerr6kg in reply to kiwikyd-nz

Likewise. I've made a lot of new meals just from ideas that I've come across here. Makes eating more interesting. One of the first things was a cauliflower pizza, which I would never have imagined beforehand.

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SalcheqRestart Nov 2020

Good evening all and thanks to dazzle for hosting. Love the sound of your pork steaks.

Well, first of all a big thank you to all of you who have been haunting me in my kitchen, I've resisted all extra mouthfuls today due to a crowded kitchen full of my virtual friends looking over my shoulder and making me be much more mindful. My family now think I'm slightly nuts, but whatever works is good for me! I stuck completely to plan and am very pleased.

Tomorrow is a work at home day, first after a week off, so time to deal with the 3pm snack demons. I'm starting by planning healthy snacks for that time.

B - porridge with rhubarb and ginger yoghurt - 400 cals

L - bacon and duck eggs, with lightly fried tomatoes, onion and peppers - 400 cals

Snack - satsuma and kiwi - 60 cals

D - chicken chunks marinaded in sweet chilli, served on a bed of lettuce, mini dry roasted potato cubes and roast yellow pepper - 470 cals

Total - 1330 cals.

Exercise - brisk walk/jog, plus food shop at lunchtime.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Monday.

Ceals profile image
Ceals3 stone in reply to Salcheq

Lovely food all day Salcheq you will be able to stick to that no problem. Lunch sounds amazing.

Salcheq profile image
SalcheqRestart Nov 2020 in reply to Ceals

Thanks Ceals, interestingly it is the most thorough planning I've done in a long while and I'm looking foward to the meals massively, more than any other day recently.

Ceals profile image
Ceals3 stone in reply to Salcheq

There is a message in there somewhere Salcheq. Although I am not counting calories at the moment I am certainly planning. Indeed I also planned on holiday as I know the hotel where we stayed so well i was able to plan my food really well.

Enjoy tomorrow.

dazzle profile image
dazzle in reply to Salcheq

Love your menu Salcheq especially your dinner!


Minniewinny profile image
Minniewinny5 stone in reply to Salcheq

Sounds a good and varied menu.. enjoy.

I hope 3pm goes without incident!!

Active_43 profile image
Active_43Healthy BMI in reply to Salcheq

Kitchen party at Salcheq

Caroline62 profile image

A nother new week. Thank you for hosting today's DD dazzle. Today for breakfast will be porridge made with water and a banana and a little maple syrup and coffee made with skimmed milk. 250.

Lunch egg sandwich. Tomato sauce. 400.

Dinner veg curry brown rice. 600.

1250 cals I will have 2 biscuits with a drink in the afternoon. Also milk with my drinks so that should bring me to 1500.

I will be doing a walk for around 1 hr with the healthy hearts club.

I hope everyone else has has a good day and I will be looking at what everyone else is eating after my walk.

Minniewinny profile image
Minniewinny5 stone in reply to Caroline62

Sounds like a good menu and exercise plan.. hope you have good weather for your walk.

Hi dazzle Thank you for hosting.

Sunday went well, all food eaten and totally enjoyed!

Monday's plan is a fasting day of 800 cals...

78 carbs, 34 fat, 48 protein

Fried plantain, 1 dry fried egg & 2 smoked back bacon - 520

Roast chicken, crunchy salad, baby spinach & celery - 281

Total = 801 ( NHS BMI Range 1354 - 1741)

Minimum of 1.5 litres of water

Exercise planned is to walk our dog 👟👟 🐶

Tip for today... Plan ahead and reap the rewards...

Cheering us all on 🎉🎉🎉

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Active_43Healthy BMI in reply to Minniewinny

Enjoy fast day!

Active_43 profile image
Active_43Healthy BMI

Thanks dazzle

Not sure if I could ever function on the BSD but am intrigued!

Would like to give myself a pat on the back this morning for going a week with no booze. There was a large glass of red in last night's dinner but I wasn't bothered about having anymore once it was open.

Today's plan:

B. Overnight oats with cherries and blueberries

L. Leftover superfood lasagna

D. Fish parcels

Haven't calculated calories yet but probably around 2000

Exercise. Gym and yoga

Happy Monday x

palcareteach profile image
palcareteach7lbs in reply to Active_43

Congratulations on the dry week....its no mean feat when you have been used to drinking......i bet your liver is smiling. Nice menu too

Active_43 profile image
Active_43Healthy BMI in reply to palcareteach

Thanks. Just off to polish my halo!

prawncess profile image

Hi menu for today Monday is

B, porridge with blueberries

L, butternut squash soup and strawberry jelly yogurt mousse

D, steamed chicken breast with sweet potato,runner beans, cabbage.

Sorry not sorted calories yet as realised I’m under but Enjoying the process. Making me really plan

Sailsalot profile image
SailsalotMaintainer in reply to prawncess

I like your menu prawncess , I'm also a fan of jelly, started making my own a while ago as read that the collagen in it can help joints.

I will make some soup myself too today, it's the weather for it!

Thank you. Have just completed my first week will weigh later and post tomorrow anm but not sure where! Food for today

B 40g porridge with rice milk

L mixed rice salad (honey dressing - homemade) with roasted veg. Apple

D mixed green salad with Quorn fillets

45 mins aqua aerobics.

Good luck everyone

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IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to MadCosmopolitanWoman

Good morning MadCosmopolitanWoman and welcome to the forum 😊

I see you’ve not had a formal welcome so I’ll do that first 😊

Please join our Newbie Club, which we hope will be a good place for you to connect with members, who are also just starting out. If you just post a few words to introduce yourself and respond to others there, you'll soon break the ice. Here's the link


You'll find all the information you need to navigate the forum in the header and a link to the 12 week plan, so please take the time to read it carefully.

With regards to your meal plan, there is a good variety there but not many calories? Are you counting calories? Eating too little is the biggest cause of weight loss failure so please check your target calories on the nhs BMI checker.

Lastly, please read this thread about how the Events work. healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh....

Wishing you all the best


Hidden profile image


My plan today -

B - porridge oats with half milk half water and tea

L- 1/2 can carrot and coriander soup with 2 slices bread - fruit x2

D - Chicken Korma with rice and veg x2

Snacks - yogurt and nuts

Totalling in around 1560 if i eat it all - my (goal) limit is 1600

Excercise is 2 dog walks and possible a small walk during lunch break

Loving the light mornings for dog walking - beautiful sunrise this morning

IndigoBlue61 profile image
IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Hidden

Great variety there Hidden and I’m with you on the lighter mornings!

Please read this thread about how events work healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh....

Thank you


Good morning Dazzle. You sound confident with your Blood Sugar Diet menu. I hope it continues to work well for you.

I'm back after a social weekend, didn't post on DD but I was careful with my choices. Also I fitted in a third run and even braved the scales (a rare occurrence for me these days!) So my overall conclusion is last week was a good week.

So here I am with my non calorie counted, maintenance meal plan to start another week off well.

B porridge with 25g oats, 150ml almond milk, 1tsp peanut butter, 50ml soya cream (the honey is now successfully cut out)

L veggie salad plate: cucumber and tomato salad, baked broccoli pieces, couscous with mixed in pine nuts, sundried tomatos and herbs, and homemade hummous.

Snacks: 2 x coffees with soya milk, 2x dark choc coated kallo rice cakes with 2 tsp peanut butter, victoria plum

D nut cutlet with charlotte potatoes, peas and baked beans

Evening drinks: 250ml raspberry kombucha, tomato juice with worcestershire sauce, chai tea

Exercise: Cycling (approx 8k)

IndigoBlue61 profile image
IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Ruth_canal_runner

Great menu Ruth_canal_runner especially well done on quilting the honey! 😊

IndigoBlue61 profile image
IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to IndigoBlue61

Ps just noticed the spelling mistake but I’m leaving it as it made me smile! 😊

A novel new use for honey! I still have it in my chai tea and in honey and mustard salad dressing. But I felt it was possible to cut it out of the porridge and discovered soya cream along the way. There is also oat cream - might give that a try too :)

Thank you Ruth_canal_runner

I am feeling very confident at the moment.

Love your menu!

IndigoBlue61 profile image

Morning dazzle and thank you for hosting 😊. I like the poster, very true

Before I start can I remind people to respond to others on the thread, that way everyone receives support


My meals for the next few days will be challenging as I’m away down to Edinburgh for a few days to see my eldest son and daughter. He rarely gets more than one day off at a time so it’s going to be good to spend sometime with him 😊

Breakfast is banana with yogurt, seed and nut sprinkle.

Lunch is vegetable soup and then a pork sandwich later as I’m having my haircut at lunch time so will split my lunch!

Dinner - I’ve no idea! I’m hoping after a later lunch I will manage with some fruit and nuts (eaten on the journey) but we’ll see!

I’ve alrwdy done 30 minutes of strenuous cardio, and some general stretches, so I’m all set!

Tip of the day- don’t worry if you can’t stick to set mealtimes, there is always a solution to be found 😊

Onwards and downwards


I had a travel day on friday, so I totally understand the conundrum re meal timings. I ended up buying a nice veggie wrap and beetroot juice when I arrived in manchester, to stow away in my bag and rediscover while on the train back. It's definitely worth planning ahead even if it's just a matter of making mini plans as you go along. Happy travels :)

IndigoBlue61 profile image
IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Ruth_canal_runner

Thanks Ruth 😊 sons partner is cooking tomorrow night, rather than us eating out, which will be easier. 😊

Well,done on planning for your travels too 😊

dazzle profile image
dazzle in reply to IndigoBlue61

Hi IndigoBlue61

I love the seed & nut sprinkles & use them a lot in salads & with Greek yogurt

Bongo4 profile image
Bongo4Restart August 2020

Breakfast was half a bowl =half a tin of porridge water two teaspoons skimmed milk powder,

glass orange juice from concentrate, cup of tea half tsp milk powder

LUNCH will be chilli beans:

tin kidney beans

tin tomatoes 400g

rice half cup

onion, oil, chilli powder, tomato puree 1tblsp

chocolate cake and sauce:

two tbsn sr flour

1tsp cocoa powder

1tsp sweetener

vanilla essence

egg, water

sauce with 1 tsp cornflour and water and cocoa, coffee and whitener

TEA is pasta, 1tbspn tomato puree and sprinkle parmesan, 1tsp

EVENING: cocoa using sweetener

Active most of the day, painting cleaning tidying steaming wallpaper etc

Ruth_canal_runner profile image
Ruth_canal_runner1lb in reply to Bongo4

Great planning Bongo :) Do you ever add veg in with your pasta? I like stuffing it full of veggies, adds extra flavour. Even swapping the tomato puree for fresh tomatoes really helps with getting your 5 a day etc. I used to use tomato puree all the time too but now I don't even buy it :)

Bongo4 profile image
Bongo4Restart August 2020 in reply to Ruth_canal_runner

not yet, but I have a River Cottage recipe for chilli and cabbage pasta which I like but son hates.

The idea was to get ready for if we have no cash for two months due to the changes to Universal Credit, I am too picky what I eat to be happy with food bank fare so I'm organising a diy version and this week I'm testing it out. There is loads of sorrel and cabbage in the garden, and I may buy in broccoli as it hasn't grown much this year, and it's meant to reduce cancer risk in quantity. Loads of spices help too, especially turmeric. Curry is coming up later on.

Mad I know but it's my way of re-assuring myself just in case.

Ruth_canal_runner profile image
Ruth_canal_runner1lb in reply to Bongo4

Do you have a local community garden? I get loads of fresh veg etc for free, some of it I don't know what it is but part of this process is about experimenting with new healthy options. Often there are lots of herbs to pick, lots of apples, various veg etc around at the moment. Your son might not mind the chance to get muddy too :)

Do you also know about 'A girl called Jack' cookingonabootstrap.com/cat... - there are some good ideas, all priced up and cheap

Bongo4 profile image
Bongo4Restart August 2020 in reply to Ruth_canal_runner

I'm trying the fishcakes on my son tomorrow!

So yesterday was a bit of "do the best you can" as was at hospital with mum all day so today wanting to eat homemade. With that in mind today is:

B: usual granola with yoghurt and coffee

L: roast chicken, chorizo and roast veg

D: roast duck with roast veg (I know extravagant for a Monday, but this is what I was due to have yesterday and can't abide wasting food)

Enjoy your Sunday on a Monday menu lomarstar :) I also don't like wasting food! Also the main thing is to make sure the healthy eating is enjoyable, that way it's easy to keep going long term. Sounds like you're really looking forward to your menu today. Enjoy :)

helllo dazzle,I will start my Monday as well xxx

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morelessAdministrator in reply to sara1986

Welcome to the DD, Sara, I hope you'll be sharing your yummy menus with us :)

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for hosting dazzle

Haven't posted on this in a while but do read them and find the menus so helpful.

So here is mine;

B - Porridge with full fat milk 318

Morning snack- Red apple, 2 celebrations 211

L - Garden salad, avocado, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, medium latte 410

D - Dazza' Jamaican chicken, rice and peas + veggies 595

Evening snack - fresh papaya, hot chocolate 258

Total = 1778 calories

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dazzle in reply to Fizzylizzy13

Hi Fizzylizzy13

Your menu sounds so delicious! You should try and post more often as I’m sure lots of people on the forum would be interested in your meals. I especially like the sound of your Jamaican chicken!

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I'm very late posting, been a busy morning, thanks for hosting dazzle , hope your 800 cal day goes well. Some lovely sunshine, so some gardening and dog walking will be my exercise.

B: Fairly usual porridge with hot water, a few almonds, blob ff Greek yoghurt 250 cals

L: Spicy carrot and coriander soup with a half a tin of pinto beans. 300

D: Leftover venison stew, green beans 500

Jelly with raspberries and ff yoghurt 100

An over maintenance weekend to make up for, so will try not to have much else other than a splash of milk in drinks. Enjoy your meals today everyone.

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Active_43Healthy BMI in reply to Sailsalot

sounds like a wonderful day!

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dazzle in reply to Sailsalot

Good idea Sailsalot to use pinto beans in your soup!

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YellowRose554st 7lbs

Thank you dazzle for being a great host today on the DD. :)

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