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This is the email I received from this person: I have never written or know anyone such as this person!!! BEWARE

God bless you and thanks,

how are you? Happy to meet you. I got your contact via this site, I seriously have interest to invest on a profitable business in your country, the money I want to invest was acquired from my church member, and then I was his financial adviser. The amount to invest is ($14.5 million US dollars) presently, but I’m the present Catholic Church leader in my parish, if you will like to assist me as a partner, you must have the fear of God? Kindly indicate your interest, and all other details relating to the funds will be revealed to you as we progress on. Confidentiality contact my direct e-mail address ( or also indicate your direct telephone number, when replying this mail, God will guide us and with good health Amen,

God bless you and your family,

Rev, Chris

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jopo3 stone

I got it too. How odd. I shall delete. 😁

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Hidden in reply to jopo

How do you delete private messages?

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jopo3 stone in reply to Hidden

The message has already disappeared, perhaps the people at HU can see and remove private messages. Anyway it's gone now.

I got it, too, parsifale, and (hopefully) have managed to report it to healthunlocked.

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YellowRose554st 7lbs

Good Morning parsifale

Thank you for letting us know. They have been sending messages out to a few members but they have now been reported and restricted from the forum.

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Jayessell1st 7lbs in reply to YellowRose55

Thank you YellowRose55 - that's good to know. I received the unwanted message too. Glad to hear it has been dealt with so swiftly.

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