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Reached my first goal


So I'm not doing an over all weight loss goal because I know I will personally find it overwhelming so I'm doing tiny goals.

First was to reach 19 stone. Next target 18 stone 8 pounds :)

I'm surprised at how fast it is going but I was told that on most diets there can be a fast drop initially which is why my incremental goal is just 4 pounds.

I can't beleive I've dropped about 10 pounds in 2 weeks eekk, obviously if it carries on then I'm being too extreme and will adjust for a safe loss rate but as I said I sure its just that initial boom when starting a diet. Still, what a boost to my determination!

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Well done. That's a great start! Don't worry if it slows down, I recall you are doing ketosis thing.

Yea I actually enjoy the food. But I do get strong cravings, chocolate sugar type cravings in particular so every day is battle mode at the moment :)

EllaMidlands5 stone in reply to thero_cpd

As long as you are eating enough of other things the cravings will go. Don't eat too little, it isn't worth it because people can't maintain a very low cal approach. I'm not saying you are eating too little - that's your business! Good luck

Well I keep a log so might post it in the future. I have had 2 bad days so far. Did 4 days meeting my macros then a bad day , the 2 good days and another bad day. Now currently on 5th day streak so will keep pushing myself


Well done you! A very sensible approach. I think your loss shows your hard work, and as long as you feel healthy and like you're being healthy, then take it as a well-deserved win! I'm sure it'll naturally slow down at some point and it's great that you're realistic about that but for now just feel amazing that you've obviously made such great positive changes to reach your first mini goal.

:) congratulations! You'll be at your next goal before you know it!


Congratulations on achieving your first goal🏆🏆 don't worry about the odd slip up, we all have a bad day, just pick yourself up and get back on the horse (so to speak) you are obviously not doing anything to bad as you have achieved an amazing weight loss over 2 weeks. 😆 good luck on getting to your next goal xx


🎉congratulations on reaching your first goal, it's a great feeling isn't it🎉

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