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My weight loss journey

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Lugsie2020 October

I am 63 years old and need to loose 3 stone because of ongoing health issues. . I think it will help me if I post weekly the weight I WILL loose. Join me in my journey please - every little bit of support will help!

Be a part of my Team - nobody ever won a football match playing alone . Let’s go and shed this blubber !

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Great to see you posting your start weight over at the Wednesday WWs. Welcome to the forum. I see we are a similar age, I started my journey on 1st June 2018 and since then have lost 48kg (7.5stone) so it is possible and never too late. Good luck and enjoy reaping the benefits!

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Lugsie2020 October in reply to Barcud

Well done to you - fantastic achievement . I am totally focused on my journey as I have health issues and have a big bucket list of

small and simple things which I cannot do with my current weight !

Hi Lugsie and welcome.

As BridgeGirl has mentioned, why not join the Wednesday weigh-in group.

You'll find that there are several 'football' teams dotted around this forum all involved in different activities (some kind of mixed metaphor or confused one :O ).

Good luck! :)

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Lugsie2020 October in reply to Tiggerr

Tiggerr - how do I join the Wednesday group - can you guide me please - not great with technology .


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TiggerrHost in reply to Lugsie

No probs.

Scroll to the top of this page and click on 'Home', the one next to 'Posts'. You'll find the post for the Wed weigh-in under 'Events' on the right hand side as you scroll down.

To join in and post your weight just click on 'Reply' to the main post and not on 'Write'.

Shout if you still have trouble.

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AnnootRestart October 2020

Good are in the right place for support

Great teams on here already for you to join. You will be surrounded by players!

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Lugsie2020 October in reply to Doing4me

Players and winners -

Must admit very very hard loosing weight -

Thank you for support .

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Lugsie2020 October

I take a photo of the scales every Monday morning 7 am - am away to Venice 1 December for a week to celebrate big birthday - I know I can do this . Thanks for support .

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Hello and welcome Lugsie

I agree totally about being part of a team, in my opinion nothing beats joining in with forum events and activities for motivation, especially the Daily Diary and the Group Weigh-in’s. Have a look at the Whats Happening Chat Thread for a full list

Best wishes


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