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PART 2: 12-week weight-loss


Hi everyone :D

It's good to be back after almost year! :)

I successfully followed the 12-week NHS weight-loss guide the last time I was here. Here was my weight from the last time:

START: 190 lbs

FINISH: 175lbs

I have managed to maintain this weight of about 175lbs for a year now :)

However it still is overweight for my height and I've got a belly that is recently becoming a wee bit larger!

So, I'm back guys. Last time I got so much help and support here :)

Looking forward to having you guys with me during my journey (which can get a bit lonely at times - especially if everyone around you hasn't got the same mind frame and they're stuffing their faces!)

My start date, Monday 14th March 2016, is personally very significant for me since it is exactly 12 weeks away from Ramadhan when I will be fasting.

As well as being a spiritually uplifting month for over a billion Muslims worldwide it is also a time to detox the body and give our digestive system a break! Hopefully these 12 weeks will help me develop good habits that I will build on during Ramadhan like keeping well hydrated and having wholesome foods.

P.S. sorry for the long post!

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Hello Murid

Well done on maintaining that loss, that is a very difficult thing to do 😊

Ramadan is a good goal to work towards 😊 Getting fit and healthier will make it all the better! I'm sure you will maintain then, and can really enjoy the festival at the end, is it called Eid?

Anna 😊

SheilambRestart January 2021

What a good idea to work towards weight loss in stages. Such a good idea to maintain for a while. This is a different and difficult process and will be a great help to you later when you reach your next goal. Well done and good luck.


Maintaining that weight loss gor so long is a major achievement. Well done. I had friends who claimed they sometimes gained weight in Ramadan, but I think that only happened if it fell in winter in the long nights.

Good luck.

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