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Feeling funny :/


Hi everyone,

It's my 3rd day since I joined the forum. day one went by in excitement yet healthy eating way and yesterday I managed to do C25K as well as 15 minutes of Zumba and Bollywood dance on top of eating 1397 cals. It was quite strange as my husband came home with my favourite pizza without checking with me first, but I only had 1 and 1/2 slice and walked away from it after. :( may not have been a good idea to even eat it but I still managed to eat within my calories range :D.

Today however, has been a bit different than yesterday. I think I have gone slightly over with calories intake as it was my friend's daughter who was celebrating something and she had bought some Asian sweets for me. I had about 3 of those :-O, that is about 450 calories at least in those plus sugar and some grease. :( . Although I tried to have a very small meal at dinner time, I still feel very awkward and upset as to why did I have to give into those cravings! :( .

well done to everyone trying really hard and hope you will continue supporting me as well.

Thanks all and take very best care of yourselves as well as those around you.

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Don't be too disheartened. Tomorrow is another day. You didn't gain the weight overnight and it won't disappear overnight either. You are at least taking note of what you are eating and beginning to work out the problem areas which will enable you to plan ahead to avoid these temptations in the future. You have to think ahead, one day at a time and try to increase the fruit and veg and reduce the sugar and carbs. Look at some creative cooking - a homemade coleslaw can be made using yogurt with less mayonnaise, and a dash of curry powder for taste. Your Pizza slice could be accompanied by a pile of healthy coleslaw and you would feel you had enjoyed a good meal. A healthy sauce can be made using tinned tomatoes, worcestershire sauce, a little cornflour - maybe stir in some philadelphia herby cheese for a more creamy sauce (lose the butter, lose the cream) which all help to reduce the calories. Let us know if you come up with some good ideas?

Thank You Dartmoor Dumpling for your very valuable comments and positive support. I am really taking time to watch and count my food intake and calories. I gave up sugar nearly three years ago. However, need to give up sweets and chocolates as well which I'm not a very big fond of anyway. I will keep you all posted of any new thing which I may try and succeed in. :)


I think walking away from pizza and only having three of those yummy sweets is a success!!! 😊 Like DD says, it's a learning curve and you will get there 😊

I love Bollywood films 😊 Hadn't thought of it as exercise but I will now 😊🎶💃🏼

Sana786 in reply to IndigoBlue61

Thank you Anna. :)

Yes! usually, one Bollywood song is roughly five minutes long. I just type in jukebox for Bollywood dance music and choose from the list that I like and that is normally 30 minutes to 1 hour. really helpful and fun at the same time :D. And the best thing is that you don't have to let anyone know how wild or silly you may become ;) . (My daughter sometimes calls me "Jumping Jacks" if she catches me dancing. :D :D).

Losing weight is a process that needs to be done properly and in order to keep the off,losing it slowly is usually the best way.

So saying this you shouldn't think of this as a diet but as a lifestyle change so you need to allow yourself treats and not restrict yourself to a point that's unrealistic

The fact that you walked away from the pizza after the 1 1/2 slices and then didn't have more than 3 sweets is definitely an achievement and should not be something you feel bad about because you haven't eaten too much at all,plus you've been doing your exercises which is very impressive :)

Don't feel bad that you're allowing yourself treats or you may end up craving it too much one day and eating too much and then feeling guilty. The most realistic way to lose weight is to cut down what you eat but allow yourself treats so really I think you're doing fine but if you're not wanting them as often it's also okay because you can start again tomorrow :)

Don't think it's a failure if you don't think you've done as well as you'd hoped, just take each day as it comes and don't think to far ahead. You will get to your goal but in the right way

Good luck! :) you can do it x

Sana786 in reply to Kat96

Thank You so much Kat for taking time out to write so much for me! :) You don't know how much this means to me. I'm close to crying (Tears of joy by the way) that I am not on my own and people are there who are ready to encourage and support me in this journey. :) I can not thank you enough and also wish you best of luck in all that you are trying to achieve. :)

Kat96 in reply to Sana786

I'm so glad that my message has helped you,I know how it feels to feel guilty for eating treats but it's nothing for you to feel guilty for

You really are doing great and I really hope you continue

Please keep posting because I've found that is helping me, there's so much support here and you are deserving of this on your journey :)

And thank you very much ! :)

Sana786 in reply to Kat96

It really does Kat! I can not tell you enough, honestly. I have noticed something that whenever I start craving for something, I open this page and start reading everyone's posts and that puts me off wanting to eat something. :) I have a lot to lose and to do that I have to ensure not craving for food. :) ;)

Kat96 in reply to Sana786

I'm so glad this is helping you! :) you can do it and if this is working for you then keep it up and you'll be at your desired weight in no time while enjoying yourself at the same time :))

Well done with the exercise, I think you should make sure your husband knows what you are trying to achieve and supports you or maybe even joins you on the eating plan, one day of indulgence is not going to set you back just make sure it does not become too regular :-) John

Sana786 in reply to kantara71

Thanks John for your support and encouragement! :)

It took me a while to get my husband to understand how important it was for me to lose weight, as he always stopped me from exercising or gym by saying that he loves me just the way I was. I have put a stop to this now by making him realise that he has to let me love myself as well and I don't like myself at the moment. He is with me on this mission now and is fully supporting me now that he has seen how important this is for me. :)

Realistically you cannot avoid these foods for the rest of your life. What you CAN do is limit how much you eat of them. You didn't have half the pizza and you had 3 sweets - that's fairly restrained!

Next time maybe you'll have one slice of pizza and one sweet - even better.

Thanks for your positive response Keep_on_going! :) I have been very good today throughout the day even though I was really busy at work, I ensured that I didn't eat any junk. :)

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