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Feeling good!

tubbymummy1 stone

Hi. Update on my progress. I posted here about five weeks ago, at the end of my first week, saying I had lost 5lbs and was feeling a little sluggish. Pleased to say this didn't last for long and I am now feeling pretty good! I lost a total of twelve pounds after five weeks. Maintained this week, as I was away for four days and ate pretty much anything that was put infront of me!

I have now joined a gym, bought a bike and STILL not had a drink. Seven weeks today! This is someone who drank red wine most evenings!

If I can do it, believe me, anyone can! I am counting calories and trying to keep to around 1000 a day. Some will say this is not enough, but it seems to be working for me. I eat plenty of protein, fruit and veg and a treat (or two) every day! I could not manage without my M&S chocolate mousse. Only 129 calories and divine!

Good luck everyone x


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YellowRose554st 7lbs

Hi tubbymummy

Well done you for losing 12lbs in 5 weeks your doing brilliant. Would you like a 7lb badge? Our badge start at 7lbs and then it's every stone after that.

I would say 1000 calories is a bit low, the recommended amount is 1400 calories a day. That is great that your eating plenty of protein, fruit and veg.

tubbymummy1 stone in reply to YellowRose55


Yes a badge would be great, thank you! I know I should be eating a few more calories a day, but I guess I'm still in the mindset of thinking '1000 calories a day'. This way of thinking goes back many years to when I first started dieting. I remember actually having a diet plan book, based on 1000 calories a day. As it is working, and I feel fine, I will keep at it for now, but realise I may have to increase at some point.

Thank you for your advice.

YellowRose554st 7lbs in reply to tubbymummy

Enjoy your new 7lb badge and have a lovely weekend.

tubbymummy1 stone

Thank you. You too.

Well done for getting your badge

tubbymummy1 stone

Thank you.

Well done tubbymummy. You're doing brilliantly. Similar to you I count calories and build in exercise where I can. I lost 8 lb in 2 weeks. This is my third week and I maintained. I know why it's because I've not been measuring as well as I have done in previous weeks plus Friday I went well over my daily calorie allowance. To be honest I'm so glad it's only a maintain I thought I'd put on this week. New week and I'm right back on it xx

tubbymummy1 stone in reply to SukiV

Thank you. Counting calories seems to be the most successful way for me to lose weight. I like to be able to add up as I go along! I find it so frustrating though when my routine is interrupted (i.e. like a weekend away!). I'm all at sixes and sevens for a few days afterwards and getting back on track isn't all that easy. I like to aim for about 1000 calories a day. It isn't always achievable but that's my guide.

Well done to you for sticking with it and good you managed to maintain after going over your allowance. Getting back on track is so rewarding.

I'm off to the gym now! Good luck with everything x

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