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Second weigh in and what I've learnt


Lass week's result: -0.2 kg

Total weigh loss since start: -1kg

Let me just start with saying that none of the things you are about to read are excuses. I just thing it is funny how after the kick start of a life style change Life throws some challenges in your way, if for nothing else but to amuse you. So here are the things I have learnt last week:

-It is not possible to spend 2 month organizing a party with 150 guests from 8 countries and then not eat with them on the party. But you can consider the options from the menu, have just one portion of dessert (even if it is unlimited) and say no to the second glass.

-It is also hard to say no to a celebratory lunch the following day.

-Some restaurants charge 30% more fore a grilled chicken salad (which looked absolutely boring on the menu) than the second healthiest option, which is mac&cheese. And I personally refuse to pay £10 for a salad. I live in the real world.

-It is possible to leave half of your mac&cheese on a plate and walk away. (And I come from a long history of food waste guilt)

--Cranberry juice is the best drink option when you want to socialize and not drink alcohol. You can cheat yourself into thinking it is a Cosmopolitan!

-Sometimes unannounced guest are here to stay for the weekend, which will screw up your fitness schedule. But they are your friends who make your life happier and richer. So cook them something nice and then go for a walk after they left.

-My partner is terrified as he thinks my diet will make me loose my figure (he said 'boobs' but I am not sure I can say that here) even though I had the same cup size since age 11.

So I had a 3 day splurge, but wherever I could I tried to lessen the damage and I went on a damage control during the last two days.

I hope you guys are all well and shrinking slightly.

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You did well to contend with that lot and still drop some weight!

Lol, just what I needed today 😃 Life does get in the way but I do like your way of thinking !!


Mac and cheese! I could not eat that before the dieting without gaining a 1lb, you have done well to survive without a huge gain lol

Glad you had a happy time, sometimes life is not all about losing weight ;)


Haha 😊 Love this post 😊 Yes, life gets in the way, but you did great to deal with it 😊 And I agree - why are healthier food choices always more expensive???? Grrrrr 😕 I try to leave half if I am full . . . Not always easy so very well done 😊😊😊

You've done amazingly well - and demonstrated great 'won't' power :0


Thank you all for your lovely replies!

Wow, you have a will of steel! I am the worst at saying no to unlimited desserts and drinks, and really feel the guilt when leaving food on the plate as well. Seriously, you're my hero.

And cranberry and soda water with a lime slice is my favourite 'mocktail'! (Or soda water with lots of fresh lemon and lime, if I'm being really calorie-conscious.) I sometimes ask bartenders to put it in a cocktail glass to help trick myself!

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Cranberry and lime - get in there! I have not thought about the cocktail glass but will do now, thanks :)

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