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Week 6


This week: weight change + 1.25 waist change 0 1764cal/day 55min activity/day

Disappointing to say the least. I had a disasterous week on bike bike: two punctures and a tyre blow-out. I only managed 2 gym sessions because of it. Looking back over the last 6 weeks my weight loss seems to go in two week cycles. Keeping the calories below 1700/day and the activity at around 70min/day is what would keep me on target. That's what I aim at in the next 6 weeks.

45.25 lbs and 22.6 weeks to go

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I'm sure this is just a blip 😕 We all have them, good luck with your 1700 cal/70 mins plan 😊


Mike Mentzer recommended a gradual decline in caloric intake of maybe a further 200 kcal each week (to a minimum of 1500 kcal for men).

I think it's advisable to increase your natural fat intake for a week or two every month, to stop your body's homoeostasis responding to what it perceives as starvation.

Sounds like you know how to go forward and I admire your positivity - I am sure with this new plan in place you will succeed and next week's weigh-in will be very good!

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