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My pledge. Just for today. Whats yours?


When I gave up smoking (nearly 9 months woohoo!) I was using a forum/website for support and of the one thing that we did every day was pledge NOPE.

Not One Puff Ever. Just for today.

It helped because for that minute in time you focussed on not smoking. Just for today. It got you in the right head space so later in the day if you were tempted you could remind yourself of your pledge.

So I figure maybe it will help me to pledge something each day and focus on that.

So my pledge, just for today, is to not stop and buy any junk food on the way home.

Whats yours?

Maybe it can be to do your 10,000 steps or buy that diet book or go to gym or cook a few days worth of healthy food or make a snack box or not stick your hand in the bikkie barrel.

Would love to hear what it is.

Just one thing.

Just for today.


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This is surprisingly tough.. what happens if you break it?

Right - I pledge to do my run today, absolutely no excuses.

Great idea :)

ElizahannaRestart Sept 2020

I really like this idea. I will go to the gym just for today. I had a big op in September and I have only been back to the gym once, although I know I am perfectly fit enough to go, even if I only do 30minutes.

What a great idea 😊

Very unrelated to this forum, but totally necessary - I WILL write my addition to my coursework and I WILL mail it to my tutor 😇

Thanks Dave

Nice idea Dave!

Today, I pledge to ignore the lifts and take the stairs!


i can only think of this: I will not eat sugar or refined foods today. Only on day 12 of healthy eating, so bear with me!


Hmm - I've been having a bit of a 'snacky' few days due to various things - so my pledge today is not to snack !!

I pledge to drink more water today.

glasslady 1 How did your drinking go today as mine was disastrous must start right now! Don't mean to be nosey I am just trying to motivate myself as my water intake has slipped since yesterday and every time I post it here than I seem to be drinking my full quota.

Hi, Bakersdozen, thanks for your inquiry, it did not go at all well. I drank no water and got well fedup with myself. I need some way to get motivated i though putting it out there would help. But secretly i though nobody was looking anyway. You proved me wrong so tomorrow I will truly drink more water, which honestly will not be too hard as I am not drinking any now.

Should we try to motivate each other? Will that help?

Lm1919 in reply to glasslady1

Ooh that's a good one, I'm rubbish at drinking enough water (funny I have no problem necking pints of strongbow cider lol) I'm going to drink a pint before bedtime

flossie358Restart October 2020

It chucking snow here so I'm going to struggle to get out and do my walk and get my daily kms for the 80 day challange so .......

I pledge wil 5km today even if it means running up and down the stairs !!! 😃


You can always go on Youtube and find a Leslie Sansone walk which you can do inside! Less boring than just walking up and down stairs!

I definitely think focusing on one day at a time is a useful strategy - a rapid training programme in specific and achievable goal setting.

Mine for today is to get out for a run a) because the dog needs it and b) because there comes a point when thinking I should do it is far more exhausting than just doing it (haven't had one yet this week, for perfectly good reasons but sometimes good ones slide into no particular reason at all...)

Hidden in reply to GoogleMe

:-) I know what you mean GoogleMe - sometimes the stress of feeling the guilt is more than the stress of the exercise itself :-)

Ruth_canal_runnerRestart October 2020 in reply to GoogleMe

Do it Googleme! I'm planning to run today too :)

I did it!

Ruth_canal_runnerRestart October 2020 in reply to GoogleMe

Me too! :)

Hi Dave,

An interesting challenge, and thanks for setting it.

My pledge for today is not to have any snacks after 8pm this evening.

Wishing you a great day ahead.

Lowcal :-)

Just for today: not buy any of the junk food at work's tuck shop.

I am supposed to do c13000 steps today but it's a non-run day so it will be hard. I'll pledge to get my steps in

Great idea Dave, I'm with Laila and will pledge to do my run tonight - which is run 2 week 1 :)

Gonti10 kg

Nice idea Dave - I am going to buy a very cheap pedometer and use it all day so I can work on upping the amount of walking I do within the house and office. Am too mean -broke to go the full Fitbit.

Hi Dave love this idea. I pledge not to have another piece of chocolate and drink more water.

Hidden in reply to gillyflower88

How many pieces have you already had gillyflower :-O ;-)

gillyflower88 in reply to Hidden

Hi lucca, to my shame i have had another piece of chocolate, making it 2 pieces and no water so far. The water may be achieved but it's snowy cold and i,m tired. Fatal fatal, fatal x

Ruth_canal_runnerRestart October 2020

I plan to run after work but can my pledge be to not have any wine tonight? I'm on my own this eve, often a time when I'm more likely to get something to drink. But today I won't. Just for today :) Good luck with getting past the supermarket without picking up any snacks Dave. Just for today too ;)

I think I will try giving up the late night snacks too.

I love this idea Dave!

Just one thing. Just for today. I will go to bed, light off by 10pm.

Today I will get back to my pedal exerciser now that I have my pain back under control! Thanks Dave! :-)


Great idea! Just for today i will not eat or drink anything other than water after 7.30pm


Absolutely great idea just for today I will not snack tonight

Oh Dave... what have you done?! Have given this some thought... tomorrow just one thing for just one day I am going to eat clean. 😊

Ruth_canal_runnerRestart October 2020

How did your Thursday go Dave? New day new pledge? Hope it's been positive for you. I found it really useful just to focus on not having wine for today, and as a result I didn't have any. Now you've motivated all of us Dave, what can we do to help motivate you? One day at a time, one small change at a time :)

My pledge is to take a good walk.

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