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Let week one commence!!


I cannot believe I haven't found this site until now, I've been reading over the weekend and its fab! I am back to work tomorrow after a heavy food based fortnight.. the 12week plan will be printed and placed on the fridge, the bike is coming out and ill be weighing in the morning!

I have 'dieted' on and off for years with the only results seeming to be increased weight! I finally need to change my lifestyle to a healthy one rather than a fad diet and kick fats butt. I know it will be challenging but isn't everything?

I decided I wanted to quit smoking 2 years ago and I did, just like that, that in mind, there were days I essentially squirmed for want of a fag but I did it in the end I'm sure the next few weeks will be like that while trying to change bad habits and changing to better ones. I'm hoping to find lots of help via this forum.

Good luck guys and here's to a positive week!!

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I start tomorrow to.

Not good with bikes as I never got over the fear but got one in the shed maybe is time to actually learn to do so.

Good luck with your challenge. :)

How are you getting on!? Get the bike out.. Do it! Lol


So far bike still not out waiting for a friend who will teach me how to ride it :). But the plan is good lost a bit of weight far from my goal still but positive that will get there plus I found a way to motivate myself to loose the weight and got my partner to help me with it. Is treating myself to something nice bit not food related when you reach a target. I got this awesome watch waiting for me and this Sunday shall be mine ;). All the best with your plan ;)

Good luck. Most dieting is about a state of mind and it sounds like you are in the right state of mind.

When you think you are hungry try drinking a glass of water and waiting 15 mins before you eat anything. Often it's been proved we are not good at telling the difference between thirst and hunger.

Keep hands and mind busy, I find knitting is great as you can't really eat chocolate and knit! But doing puzzles, card making, doing odd jobs all stop boredom eating and grazing.

If you are not a great one for breakfast then take a healthy breakfast to work with you and have it mid morning.

Don't jump on the scales all the time weigh yourself weekly or fortnightly. If you weigh every day you will have days where your weight goes up and down and these wobbles will dishearten you. If you weigh on a Monday and on Thursday it looks like you have lost 3lb but by the following Monday it turns out to be only 2lb over the week you will instead of being pleased about the 2lb be really fed up about the 1lb you think you have gained! That tends to make you give up.

I hope these tips help. There is a good English calorie counter called My Meal Mate which i use. Make sure everything that passes your lips is recorded. Good luck

Shellsibells in reply to GRUMPYA

Fantastic advice thank you!

I've taken up crocheting because it's so absorbing!

I've moved the scales in to the garage too!

GRUMPYA in reply to Shellsibells

Well done and good luck, hope it works for you

Welcome, this is a great site. I am here again after doing the twelve week plan last year and losing a stone and,after having a break, want to lose another stone

hi shellsibells

well done for kick starting your health plan. Like you I gave up smoking some time ago and put on almost 15kg. It only took 9 weeks to put it on but it took twice as long to take it off. It was a real slog but since then Ive done the C25K program and am now doing the C210K and feeling a whole lot healthier.

Dieting alone may not work, it didn't for me. I started a regular exercise program where I did 30 min of endurance training every day. Found a good site where you can download free cardio exercise workouts together with tips on how to do at home. check out ptprograms.com.au.

Its hard to stick to especially if you are doing it by yourself. I actually got a friend on board and we worked out together. It made it more fun and it helped when I needed motivating (and visa versa)

good luck with it

Shellsibells in reply to SimonM

I think I gained 2 stone from quitting smoking in a matter of months!! Could not believe how quick it went on and how hard and slow it is to lose!! C25k will commence next week! Doing lots of cycling too so hopefully this will help alongside healthy lifestyle!

Im starting also weight has been creeping up on me also. I weigh 14 stone today and am determined to shift 12 pounds by my holiday in june but am also gonna do couch to 5k and do race for life this year

Shellsibells in reply to maz1984


Hi everyone,

Good luck Shellsibells! I am new 2...today is my first day. I am was diagnosed was PCOS and I'm really struggling to get all this weight off. It's difficult. However I think that if I stay positive like you then I might be able to shed the extra kilos.

Shellsibells in reply to Papaule

Sounds tricky but you will do it! I think it's going to have to be a lifestyle change isn't it! Meh.. Lol

Good luck. I've lost 5lbs since I started a couple of weeks ago by following the advice on here. I've had a few slipups but am pleased with how much I've lost. I do a lot of walking in my job and have also started using the treadmill at home. I don't run - just do a fast walk and build it up bit by bit. You sound very determined and I hope you do well in the coming weeks.

Thanks guys!

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