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Starting but with hormones!


I have found this website, it appears to cover diet and exercise...... Fab!

I am 12st 9lbs.

My first goal is 12st. I want to ultimately get down to 10st 7lbs.

I am going to Crete in July and wish to lose for that as well as I am getting fed up that my belly overhangs my jeans!

An aim is to walk the dog every day this week then start the couch to 5k from Monday next week.

The only.... Only. Problem I see is that it is my period soon and I suffer and I hate exercise. Hopefully some sunny weather and lovely views will cheer me up.

Anyone that lives near me want to join me would be great! I live in eynsham, oxford.

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Hey Yolly,

I stumbled across this website last week and I find it great, everyone is really helpful and supportive, I love that :)

If I'm honest I love to exercise but like you my period arrived today and it has knocked me for six, (as it does every month!) I knew it was coming so I made sure I went for a run yesterday and I'm booked in for Body Pump tomorrow. I usually go swimming but really couldn't face it today so I'm going easy on myself today and I'll go for a swim on Thursday now instead.

Walking the dog has to be done so it's a good way to start getting some gentle exercise, but to lose weight you'll probably need to step it up a bit. I love running and swimming on my own but classes are great too, really sociable so it could be worth having a look at what's on at your local gym.

Good luck and keep thinking of your impending holiday :)

Yolly in reply to Bonesy

Hi Bonesy,

I have been having acupuncture for the periods as my mood swings can give me and everyone around me whiplash. Last month it came and went brilliantly (I was doing charity work in Ghana and was thankful for this). Due to being out of the country I haven't been able to have the acupuncture and it shows!

I thought I would keep the exercise to a minimum while I wait for the period and then step up. In the past I have always aimed to high and failed.

Today I have managed to walk the dog, go the the allotment and dig it over, but like you, I acknowledged this won't be enough, especially looking at the my fitness app, which looks fab.

I am off to the gym tomorrow to start the couch to 5k on the running machine rather than waiting until monday ... building up my fitness with a view to joining the running club. I used to run before, not fully enjoying it but enjoying the smugness of accomplishment!

I have earmarked some weight exercises to get rid the fat between the bra strap and the underarm ready to wear strappy tops in summer.

I really want to lose 30lbs by summer, 10lbs a month I hope is doable, but as much as possible will also be great!

Thank you for your luck and words of encouragement!


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