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Interval training is the best way to get fit start off 30sec run power walk or bike anything you want to exercise on go as hard as you can then rest 30sec

When you feel fitter increase the time to 1 minute 30 sec rest

Keep increasing the workout time but always have a rest do this for 20 minutes a day burn lots of calaries and get fit

Because you know you are getting a rest you can work hard

Try it

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ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Jenne,

I agree with you that interval training is a really good way to go. I tend to run for 4 minutes at 9.0 kpm and then walk for 1.0 kpm and then repeat. Sometimes I try a minute or two running at 10.0 kpm, but find that really challenging. But I am sure I'll be able to improve over time with practice and as my fitness improves.

Good luck with your goals for this week. :-)

Love interval training, it rocks :-)

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