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TTC for nearly a year with PCOS. Anyone used metformin or clomid after the year mark?

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We have been trying to conceive for 10 months now and I was diagnosed with PCOS summer last year. I rarely have periods wasnt having them at all since coming off the pill May last year. Had a period in January by myself but didn't get pregnant that month and then again I have had one exactly 28 days after last one which is so unusual. Plus i have been having it for 2 weeks now so not Sure if is period or just spotting as I have had on and off since summer. I should be ovulating now but I did a test and it didn't say I was. Just feel a little deflated after having 2 periods feels like iv missed 2 chances even though we did all we could. Confused what to do next as I really didn't want to take metformin when offered it as my insulin is fine. Just want to hear from others in similar situation or those who have experience of this medication and if it worked.

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Hi Lauren!

I've had pcos for 17 years (since diagnosis anyway). I don't have periods at all.

Metformin is for insulin resistance. Our bodies produce it fine but can't break it down. I have been told I will need help to get pregnant when I'm ready.

Ive been told weight loss can help if needed but I would suggest trying the metformin but if not already, get a referral to a gynaecologist or endocrinologist for more thorough testing and help.

My GP said after 6 months for a usual referral so I'd say you're ready!

Good luck! Xxx

Hi thanks for replying! My GP said I would be referred and look at treatment after a year of trying so April/may time.

I am not overweight at all so weight loss won't help me but I haven't seen a gynaecologist or endocrinologist yet apart from I had a transvaginal scan last month to check there was nothing else going on.

Just feel a little lost at the moment and like the GP don't really know how to deal with it.

Thanks for your help


What tests are you using as they are pretty unreliable for pcos unless you are taking your temperature. Also don't focus on your period as they do not mean much and you can conceive without one. I had regular periods and rarely ovulated. I would look at fertilityfriends website as it advises how to take temperature and signs etc. As Fliss says metformin is primarily for insulin resistance which you may not have (I do not). Has your partner been tested yet?

Personally I would ask to have tests first e.g. if your tubes are blocked etc as there is a time limit on clomid (max of 1 year) so if your tubes are blocked you are wasting it really. Clomid did nothing for me. I conceived Noah via IUI, who is just 11, it can be a long road sometimes (3 years for me) but it is extremely rare not to conceive because of pcos, it just takes the patience of a saint sometimes :-) But don't focus on your period as it is not key to anything (make sure you have 4 a year though to keep your uterus healthy).

Is your weight/BMI good as that is often a stickler when TTC and getting fertility treatment.

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Lauren231092 in reply to Hols969

I'm not sure actually my sister gave me them I stopped using them though as a few people have said it's irrelevant. The whole temperature thing just confuses me but I will look at that website and maybe try and start tracking it that way is that how you did it? I have kind of took the just don't track anything and see how it goes approach but so far no luck. I was tested for diabetes and they said I didn't have insulin resistance so I said I didn't want the metformin then as I didn't see the need as GP said no proof of it working for fertility anyway.

My partner hasn't been checked purely because I already have a 4 year old as I got caught young at 19 before I developed PCOS so she is my little miracle and I believe everything happens for a reason she was meant to be!! So I'm extremely grateful that I have her and that's why I haven't obsessed so much with getting pregnant because some people don't get the chance to have even one and I do so I can't grumble can I 😊.

I have a healthy bmi and although heavier than I have ever been at 9 stone I'm not overweight at all so that's not an issue at the moment. I think I will revisit GP next week and see what's next for me.

Thank you 😊

You are born with PCOS so you had it when you had your daughter, often diet and lifestyle can make the symptoms worse or more obvious (and weight gain), so you have already proved you can conceive with PCOS so dont lose hope.

Temping is a faff but is the only accurate way really for us.

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Lauren231092 in reply to Hols969

But the symptoms don't develop until your older and I had no symptoms until last year and no problems with anything when I was 19 I got caught pregnant on the pill would you believe so I'm extremely lucky if that's the case I just thought it was something that was developed when the symptoms develop.

Yeah I think I will try it. Thank you

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Hols969 in reply to Lauren231092

Some ladies have no symptoms until they try for a baby and then get diagnosed (you can have PCO or PCOS). The pill does make you less pcos so it increases the chances of getting pregnant, which could be why you got caught while on the pil :-)

It's interesting isn't it. It was a big shock but couldn't be more grateful now!

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