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PCOS - Letrozole and gonadotropins injections


Hi everyone.

This is the first time I have written a post on here but I’m just looking for any help/support.

I was diagnosed with PCOS last year. I had been on the pill for over ten years and when I stopped taking it I never had a period. I’ve now been referred to a fertility clinic. For the first month they gave me a letrozole. When I had my day 21 blood test my results were 195 which showed I had ovulated and they thought multiple times! However, I wasn’t pregnant and also never had a period. This was unexplained and no one seemed to know what was going on. I then had to take norethisterone for 20 days over Christmas (because they were closed for a few days) and then we started with gonadotropin injections. I started on the lowest dose and there were three follicles. After going back every other day for two weeks they then told me today that we would have to abandon the cycle and start again next month because the follicles haven’t grown. I now have to wait until day 35 and if I haven’t had a bleed, take norethisterone for 10 days again.

I can’t see that I will bleed naturally as I haven’t done so for months but I’m starting to feel really worried about what is going on.

Has anyone experienced anything similar or should I be worried that the follicles didn’t grow?

Any help would be massively appreciated :) x

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