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pcos is runing my life


Im 32 and having been living with symptoms of PCOS since i was 16, i diagnosed with pcos via blood test when i went to see my GP regarding problems conceiving, i was given Metformin and send for ultra sounds and later went private for fertility treatment that sadly never worked, i suffer with excess facial hair that is very dark and corse, my cycles are crazy and losing weight seems almost impossible, im so depressed i feel like a freak! my husband is very supportive but its just really getting me down im thinking of going back to my dr for the contraceptive pill my fertillity dreams are on the floor and i need to find a way to move forward with my life and treat the symptoms.. i was wondering if anyone had any advice or had been through similar i take metformin but i find losing weight so hard and feel like pcos is ruining my life

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Hello bless you it’s such an awful condition isn’t it. It’s not for everyone but I found help via the pcos protocol run by the pcos nutritionist.


I found that after listening to the pcos nutritionist podcasts which are super helpful


I have more regular cycles now, have lost 1.5 stone and have fewer headaches. I’m still working on my acne but am hopeful it will go!

I have PCOS. I've been taken Alpha Infolic, it's not cheap but is supposed to help PCOS and fertitily. I got pregnant within the first month on it, but I've been on it 3-4 months and haven't. I also have had miscarriages, so not just had a child. So had sadness in another way.

In terms of losing weight all I can recommend is moving more and eating less. Ive been eating very little, mostly healthy meals and the weight was not shifting. Started running and it started coming off. It isn't easy, but if you want to seriously loose weight, you have to take it seriously.

I was on the pill for years and believe it helped me, I was four stone lighter 4 years ago before I came off it. But then by going on it, you will be stopping your chances of having a baby all together (as I'm sure you are very aware).

At 32, I would say you still have a chance of trying, I'm 36, so a bit older than you.

Metmorfin didn't agree with me, but it is supposed to help with weight loss. It would have helped me with my weight loss because I was soo sick.

Hi PCOS Princess,

I've tried Metformin but didn't get on with it. I did lose weight but I was also so sick on it that I couldn't do anything as I was constantly running to the washroom. I persevered a couple times, once for about a year, but in the end was told some people simply can't tolerate it and advised by my GP to cease using it.

This said, I did plateau on it at lower doses and they had to increase my dose a couple of times when this happened. If you get on with it, is this something your GP has explored with you?

The idea behind the Metformin helping pregnancy is that having a healthy BMI can make your chances of conceiving naturally better.

I'm sorry to say that my advice, otherwise, is limited iro weight loss. I have been on many strict diets and to several different nutritionists, but none of it was helpful for me long term. I even tried the diet they put you on for to lose weight and retrain your stomach before gastro bypass and didn't lose ANY weight. It is beyond frustrating. I sure they often think I am lying about following the diet plans, but I do.

Pregnancy is something I chose not to pursue after being told it was 99% unlikely I would never conceive without IVF and possibly not even then. For me the choice of accepting I wasn't going to be a mother was better than the unknown of X number of failed attempts and heartache.

Excess body hair. I have it too. Thankfully it bothers me more than it ever does my husband. But it still bother me. I shave it in areas that are not on my face. I've spent years waxing and plucking daily iro what grows in on my face. I recently tried the little razors for derma planing (if I have the term right) the entire face and went over the dark hair areas as well. It does clear it smoothly, but of course the hair does come back in blunt (since it has been cut) so can seem more noticeable. But on the plus side, you can do it again at any time where as with waxing it has to be a certain length and even for tweezing there needs to be enough to grab hold of. An alternative is to have laser hair removal treatment BUT make sure if you consider it that you realise: It takes several sessions. It isn't cheap. It is not painless. You really should make sure you go to a trained professional - not just a spa or beauty salon offering the treatment by someone that has had a quick train in it. I say this as it is possible to cause damage and scarring and no one wants to trade their hair for scars on their face instead.

I hope you find a solution that words for the symptoms you struggle most with.

I totaly get you.. my freinds seem to falling pregnant daily.. and I'm 34 married 10 years and its our missing peice.. the best advise I have to lose weight is low carb no gluten and lacto free.. lactos gives pcos people a leeky gut its a low level tummy complaint. Gluten free becasue gluten again casues issue with your tummy. Low carb because we don't process sugar properly and un used carbs in your body turn to sugar.. to combat the sugar our bodies make insulin (hency why were high risk for developing type.2 diabetes) when we make to much insulin our bodys make testosterone to counteract it.. hence why we have facial and additional body hair.. cut back drastically on carbs and if will help.. im 4 stone down and not hungry lots of protein and veg salad.. and heathy fats. Its a journey I only 12 months ago went and did my own research and with in 3 months had regulated and cycle I need the doctors to check if I'm ovulating but covid has put that on hold.. dont lose faith go and do your own research

. Pintest was a treasure of information. I also take two supliments from amatin that he massivsly..

Hi just seen your post and wanted u.to no.your.not.on. your own. Pcos ruining my life too.. excess hair. Depression anxiety.. tried clomid failed. Tried acupuncture. Inofolic.. tried homeopathy.. metformin.. slim pcos so metformin. Didnt work 4.me. one.failes fet about 2.start 2nd.fet with zero.hope hard to keep the fight going... looking for some advice on diet etc.. need to try a.more.natural.approach to.help boost ivf chance.. xx

I know it sounds cliche but you are not alone. I have the same symptoms plus stubborn acne and between that and the facial hair I'm trying to decide which is worse 😞. I was diagnosed after difficulty conceiving & metformin didn't work for me either. I conceived after two years and I am relieved. Keep trying. The thing is to take advantage of the few times that you're ovulating relax and eat healthy & get as much rest as you can.

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