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Pcos controlling my life.


Hello everyone. PCOS is starting to effect lots of areas of my life. I’m putting off meeting with family and friends. I’m really struggling to loose weight. I find going out with my sister and mum hard as feel as though they are beautiful and I’m the ugly, fat one.

Also, I am not yet trying to conceive, but have constant worries that I’m not going to be able to! I just wanted to know what your successes have been with weight loss and conception.


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Hello, it is possible to conceive with PCOS and a lot of people do. You will have more success if you get your weight down to with the limits for your height etc. When your weight gets out of control it can be difficult to bring it under control, but it is worth making sure you avoid simple carbs, fast food and processed foods. Is it possible you could include your mum or sister in getting active? If you are anxious talk to your doctor about accessing online courses as they can help to change your mindset. I know how this illness can make you feel and sometimes you can feel overwhelmed with why me etc, but this is why it is important to access what help you can.

Hi I'm sorry your having a hard time sending hugs . Well I tried for 6 years on every hormone treatment going to get pregnant with no joy was at an all time low. Then I had spinal surgery and came off every hormone and fell pregnant was an amazing surprise my little girl is now 6. So although it may be hard to get pregnant never give up hope and try not to let it take over your life as I think getting stressed about it does not help. I did not have a problem with my weight till after I had my little girl as I have always been small but after birth I found it hard to loose the 4 stone I put on the only thing that worked was cutting calories down to 900 a day no sugar or white carbs and exercise .it took 2 years to get back to a healthy weight. Try not to worry I know lots of people with pcos that fell pregnant with no trouble and if you are like me and it takes a long time don't give up hope. Xxx

Hi, it affects my life too. I am ashamed of myself especially my face. It's hard but stay strong. Just take one day at a time. I heard that cardio is good with weight loss with pcos.

Hols969 in reply to Vonnah

building more muscle is better as it helps you lose weight as you have more muscle, so doing weights is actually more important than cardio (cardio is obviously good too tho)

Vonnah in reply to Hols969

Oh awesome! I didn't know! Thank you so much for that🙌😄

It is pretty rare not to conceive just because of pcos, increasingly it seems to be the men that have the issue as over a 1/3 of men have sperm issues.

Stick to a low G1 type diet and cut out all white carbs as this should help symptom wise. And I am 100% sure you are not the ugly fat one either.... I think nowadays the world is so image conscious but generally men prefer women who are not skinny and we all like different looks to people which is why there is someone for everyone as we do not all like the same thing :-)

Thankyou all so much!

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