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YOUR advice?

I’m moving to Dundee Uni to continue my degree having just finished 3 years of medicine and doing research into PCOS.

I’ve seen the uncertainty and lack of awareness around PCOS and am looking to form a society/campaign within the uni when I move to raise awareness of PCOS.

Does anyone have any ideas of things that would be useful to offer or ideas to promote awareness? Directions to support, fundraising, advice etc??

I figured you’d all be the best to ask!

Many thanks!!!

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Email the charity

As they may be able to help

We do have a Verity pcos Scotland group on Facebook too who may be able to help

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Thanks! Just considering things outside of Verity that I could do? As that might be difficult to receive full recognition from the charity! Just things that might be beneficial to anyone with or possibly with PCOS as it’s around that age group where it may be discovered?


Raising awareness for pcos with GPs, gynocologists and also dermatologists and beauticians would be great. A lot of people suffer undiagnosed for a long time although all the signs are there and a little pointer for a blood check and an ovary scan could be a game changer for some.


Totally agree! I barely was taught anything about it at uni and have learned mostly via research and from accounts here seems this continues into doctors not knowing as well! I may write to the uni about it? Also think it’s important to raise knowledge within the general population so they can spot it themselves and not be written off by doctors ?


Hey, great to hear about your idea and helping to raise awareness about PCOS. I work in Engagement at a university so I think this could work well!

If your university has a Health & Well-being department, it may be worth contacting them to see if they may be able to assist. If they have upcoming events such as a Well-being fair (which many universities will run during the year), you may be able to set up a stall to share information to passers by. Integrating with an on-going event will automatically build traction for you without doing all the hard work.

If you’d like to create a society, your Student Union would be the best place to start and you might be able to get a slot during Welcome Month (September Freshers) to promote and run activity

Simple things such as hand-outs with health tips, healthy recipe cards and even messaging on how to recognise symptoms might be useful

Good luck!

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