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Has anyone used any products to help with symptoms of PCOS, mines starting to really get me down.

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Which symptoms are you experiencing that are the worst for you?

Facial hair and cramps x

Cramps: Medication wise, anything stronger than Ibprofen will need to be a prescription from you GP (in the UK). If you don't have any medical reasons not to (such as inability to take anti-inflammatory medication due to underlying health condition or an allergy to the drug itself), you could ask about Naproxen to see if it helps. There are stronger medications, but be open to trying the Naproxen first as it may be strong enough for you. I would recommend a microwave heat bag for additional help. I prefer flaxseed (in my experience it it the most accommodating and comfortable of fillings for me and retains heat well). I get mine off Etsy from a seller that offers different shapes and sizes, including ones that are sewn into sections so the contents remain evenly distributed. She also can make removeable covers on request so you can take it off and wash it. Lastly I was on the depo needle for a couple of years and it suppressed my periods after a month or two along with the cramps that went with it. Some people experience weight gain - I actually lost weight. But like most birth control medication it can affect your mental health and/or cause mood swings. If you have any concerns with your mental health it is something to consider before hand.

As for facial hair, the unfortunate thing is that once it starts growing out of the follicle the only way to stop it is through laser treatments which are expensive and take several treatments, but don't always work. If you go down that route do thorough research on the person and business as it is possible to cause scarring (from the laser) if not properly done. Personally I have not gone down that route to date. I use a combination of waxing and plucking - I've been doing it so long now that it no longer bothers me. I can't use the creams due to extreme skin sensitivities and allergies. There is the option of micro-blading but it is more effective for finer, more downy hairs rather than coarse hair. Cut/shaved hair grows in with a blunt edge so can appear more prominent when it starts to reappear. On the plus side it can be done frequently, unlike waxing which requires enough regrowth for the wax to adhere to. In respect of slowing down future hair growth, when I was first diagnosed I was prescribed a water tablet that is also used to suppress hair growth in women with PCOS. This is to suppress new growth. It does not affect already existing growth. It doesn't work for everyone - it didn't for me - but may for you. It has been a number of years since then, but I googled the name of the medication, which jogged my memory: Spironolactone. You shouldn't take it when pregnant or trying to conceive, but your GP should be able to prescribe it. It will make you need to wee desperately so don't take it just before you go somewhere. It will calm down after a bit of time.

I hope something above helps, and if not that you do find solutions that work for you.

Hello, spearmint tea and gluten free lacto free diet.. almost all of my symptoms have already cleared up its taken a good nine months also losing weight about 5 stone.. I know it's the first thing people say but it really does help but with pcos you need to follow a heath plan that's nothing like a diet.. heathy fats are encouraged as well as perhaps a few food supplements. Inositol is one and then b12.. although if you wanted all of this can be achieved through food. It will also help your state of mind.. the cloud will lift.. I would go on pinterest and look at pcos diets and supplements there is a 30 day free trial with smart pcos that teaches you why our body's work this way and what to do about it.. thats were I started and I havent looked back.

where did u buy your spearmint tea from ? Im struggling to find it on its own x

Amazon its palanquin spearmint herbal tea I think 3 boxes was about 11 quid it's a white and light green box and its truly lovely with some stevia sweeteners . You need to cut sugar out of your diet and sucralose and fructose. Also caffeine is a known hormone imbalance so if you can go to decaf for your coffee.

Thank you, will have a look, the pains are horrendous at times so going to contact the gp tomorrow but will deffo try the spearmint tea x

In my personal exsperiance the doctors have been useless.. I know more about pcos then them... they didnt connect my diabetes to pcos or my hair mood issues.. I have done hours of research on my own to try and understand what's going on in my body because I want a child, don't waste your time.. I do get pains a week before I'm due and paracetamol is what gets me through.. I havent come across any other remedies in my research.

I know im the same tbh ive not even been referred to gynae like alot of the people on this forum. I keep looking to try and find answers and im still searching :( x

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