Hey there! I have just been diagnosed with PCOS after not having any period for nearly 2years. I am 28 and feel heartbroken. The only thing that has induced a period is clomiphene however since I don't want to get pregnant there is no need for me to continue taking it. Has anyone tried acupuncture or traditional Chinese medicine to induce ovulation successfully? Any other ideas would be so helpful. Thanks in advanced, and all the best to you girls!!

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  • Hi SJH49 I'm also interested if anyone has had any success with traditional Chinese medicine. I came off the bcp 9 months ago and have not had a period since. Did the doctor prescribe you provera? This is used to increase progesterone and force a period so you could ask for this. The doctor prescribed me three months supply but after this first month I still haven't had a period so I'm not sure where this leaves me. Anyone had any similar experience?

  • Hi msl30. I was also proscribed provera with no success. Clomiphene is the only treatment to have induced a period so far. I have tried herbal remedies such as Vitex that were also unsuccessful, though I am not entirely sure I was taking optimum doses. I just followed recommended daily amount on the bottle.

  • I am sure reflexology helped me conceive my son, there is definitely something in the alternative routes in my opinion.

    How do you know you are not ovulating, are you taking your temperature or anything to check (as you can ovulate without a period)

  • Thanks Hols969. I will look into reflexology too. I have not have a period for all that time. Good tip about the temperature check though.

  • Fertilityfriends website is what a lot of ladies use, so you go by body signs and also temperature, it is a bit of a faff. Reflexology is quite relaxing too so that is a bonus, have heard lots of good things about acupuncture but I am not keen on needles.

    My period arrived on the day almost to the hour after weekly reflexology sessions between my 2 IUI's and I conceived on the 2nd attempt and that was the only difference between the two attempts! Noah is now 11 :-)

  • It's really uplifting hearing your story. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • That's very interesting, the doctor told me if the Provera didn't induce a period it's because there is not enough oestrogen (although the blood tests showed my oestrogen levels were normal so not sure what to think!). Are you not keen on going on the bcp? I always had a period when using this. I think doctor mentioned injections if the Provera doesn't work but I'm TTC so that might not be available to you. Very frustrating when you're just not sure what's wrong. Trying to eat healthily and exercise moderately. I'm keen to try out alternative therapies so will let you know if I do and have any success – it's good to hear that reflexology may be helpful x

  • Thanks, please let me know how you get on! My periods were regular before the BCP, I think that taking them made things worse in the first place so now I am trying to go the natural route. My doctors are stumped since all my hormone levels are normal too, just the ultrasound showed cysts and no period after coming off the pill. I will let you know if I find any alternative/complimentary therapies that have been helpful. Good luck with starting a family 🙂

  • What contraceptive pill were you on out of interest as some can make pcos worse and are of no help at all?

  • Microgynon 30. Have you come across this pill and it's affect on PCOS? Thanks!

  • Have a look at this thread on the old Verity discussion board

    Generally not a good pill.

  • I have a friend with PCOS who reckons it was acupuncture that finally helped her conceive so it could be worth a try! If your seriously interested in looking at Chinese medicine a great book to read is The China Study by T Collin Campbell.

  • Thank you. I will look out for the book. I have already had my second acupuncture session and also brought a months course of herbal medicine. I will let everyone know if I found beneficial.

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