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Ultrasound PCOS

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Hi guys,

So just had my ultrasound done as I suspected PCOS. Reason why i kept getting LH surges on my OPK test every other day and a horrible left ovary pain. The ultrasound shows my left ovary has pcos however, my right doesn't. Does this mean i could still get pregnant? I've been trying for 1 year now. I'm already on metformin with no side affects. The doctor who did my ultrasound also said she can see a follicle on my right ovary and it looks like I did ovulated this month. If that's the case why didnt i get pregnant. We had sex every other day during my fertile period? Last month I must of tried to ovulate on my left as it was so painful to the point my BBT chart shooted straight up in tempreture (had severe left ovary pain and fever) which kinda got me worried. This month I got a opk surge but no pain at all. Not sure if i really acutally ovulated. I'm so desperate now to get pregnant. Any of you had successful pregnancy with PCOS? Oh by the way all my FSH LH procatlin has come back as normal. Plus o get period on time every month. My hair been falling out and i suffer from acne also my weight is 11 stones and I'm 5 ft 5.

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How are you measuring your ovulation? Are you doing just bbt? Or the strips as well? I was told by my clinic to not rely on ovulation strips as pcos can affect them and give false readings.

Are you having sex just during your fertile window or all through your cycle? You may be getting your days slightly off.

As you have been trying for 12 months you will be eligible to get referred to a fertility clinic as well.

When we had been trying for 12 months I was referred and I was given clomid. I didn’t get regular periods so I didn’t know if / when I was ovulating. I have managed to get pregnant using clomid and naturally. Lots of people are able to get pregnant with pcos so please don’t worry about that.

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Beepi in reply to Binky1983

Hi thanks for your response. Aww I'm so happy you manage to get pregnant. I'm not sure if the GP can refer me as I had a baby going back 10 years ago (I'm 38 now) and didn't have any problems then. So not sure if they will prescribe me Clomid as already have a child 😏

As I have only 100% found out I have PCOS today, I'm going to stop using the ovulation strips as yes your right they keep giving me a surge then next day is negative and few days down the line it is postive. My BBT chart all over the place and tbh i don't understand it and also it showing i havent ovulated this month. But then the scan shows apparently I did.

I'm glad finally found the cause but just abit disheartened by it as I want my girl to have a sibling.

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Binky1983 in reply to Beepi

You should still be able to be seen by a fertility clinic. I would ask your gp about it, having a child already shouldn’t effect whether or not you can have clomid. I fully expect to need to use it again after I have this baby if we decide to have another. You just might not be eligible for other treatments like ivf on the nhs depending on the local guidelines for your area.

Don’t give up hope!

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Beepi in reply to Binky1983

Thank you :) you been a great help. I will speak to my GP.

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