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Diet information

Hello I have just been diagnosed with pcos and I’m struggling to find what I can and can’t eat.

Is it true to be gluten free sugar free and dairy free? Any help will be appreciated thank you :)

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Hi I believe the pcos diet as I call it is different for everyone especially when trying to loose weight.

I wouldn't stress over the dairy, cut down on the sugar gradually and as for gluten it's very hard and expensive to go gluten free. I just traded white for brown bread and rice, and ate whole wheat and whole grain foods and cut out white potatoes including crisps I at sweet potatoe instead.

This worked wonders 4 me hope it does 4 u too


Okay thanks so much for your help. I’m so confused on what I need to do so that has helped me no end. Thank you!


My endocrinologist recommended cutting down on sugar and only eating bread, pasta or potatoes once a week. I am allowed rice but I'm not sure why. I also eat cous cous assuming it's similar to rice.


Thank you! I think I may be thinking too much into it I struggle with my weight the most and most diets haven’t worked for me. Will try that thank you!


Hi sb222

I have struggled with my weight too, since October I have ditched dairy, gluten and sugar. By making my dinners from scratch without said ingredients I have lost 1and a quarter stones (although, had a slight break for xmas)

Now drinking tea without milk.

But have tried normal diets but this works best for me. Lots of fresh veg generally fried in olive oil & water with spices. I add fish, chicken or some other meat. I love buckwheat and Quinoa. Or just old fashioned meat and veg like in the old days. I avoid processed food and have lost weight since I am not eating it. White bread and rice is quite carby which raises insulin levels quickly. I find it doesn't fill me up for long whereas buckwheat does. I could be wrong but I think my hair is growing better? But facial hair is the same. 😢 X

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I thought that would be the case I’ve tried everything so far and just seem to find nothing works thank you! Xxx


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