PCOS Information Questionnaire

Hi everyone, I’m currently working on some research around how women with PCOS search for information and would really appreciate it if you could spare a little time to take my questionnaire and quiz.

This is all for my dissertation as I’m studying for my Masters in Library and Information Studies. I hope this research could go on to help in some way by highlighting our information needs and influence how information around PCOS is shared.

There are more details on the introduction page when you click the link below.

Thank you all so much :)


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  • Where did you get the information for your questionaire out of interest as a few of them I haven't heard of like sleep apnea with pcos ?

    There is also no increased risk of miscarriage due to pcos, they thought their was initially but this has been ruled out.

  • All information has been taken from the NHS website and Verity

  • OK will check with the trustees as I don't believe some of it is correct in your Q&A bit from a UK studies point of view.

  • Thank-you

  • I like the idea of the Q&A bit btw :-) some I had to think about lol

  • Thank-you, quite a few people have said that lol

  • id really like to help because I think it should be easier to get the information but I haven't been diagnosed, I'm having to treat myself

  • A fair few of the questions focus on the diagnosis stage and information provided at that time. Thank-you for wanting to help though

  • Very interesting. I got 79% in the test so learnt a few things myself. 🙂 FYI I had to tick the options to say that I don't have fertility issues when in fact I don't actually know because I've never actually tried to get pregnant! Good luck with the studies. 🍀

  • I'm glad you found the quiz useful, and thank-you so much :)

  • good luck with the masters

  • I felt that the question 'I can't lose weight because of PCOS' is subjective. When you lead a very healthy and active lifestyle, in my eyes it is because of the PCOS (and symptoms) I can't lose weight.

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