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Can starting metformin mess up your cycles?

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Hi ladies,

Ive been started on metformin this month to help regulate my ovulation as I normally ovulate day 21 of 30 day cycles. Im currently day 33 and no sign of period, did a pregnancy test this morning and its negative. Ive been on metformin for a week and a half, any idea if this could be the reason for my delayed period?

Thanks in advance! xx

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Metformin just helps you regulate blood sugar and insulin afaik and it helps reduce PCOS symptoms which is why its prescribed if you're trying to get pregnant.

There is differing opinions on if metformin helps pcos ladies, it can help hugely if you are insulin resistant, where you tested. Meformin is not licenced for pcos in uk but for diabetes.

Have you had any of the upset tummy being on the metformin?

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Sunshine92 in reply to Hols969

No i wasnt tested 😕 went for an appt with NHS gynae as have been TTC for 14months. He took my history and said because both my parents have type 2 diabetes i could have ‘the gene’ so put me on it to try and regulate my ovulation. My BMI is 20.

Not so far fingers crossed! Currently in my second week so only on 1000mg, up it to 1500mg this Thursday. Ive come on my period now ☹️ 4 days late xx

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Hols969 in reply to Sunshine92

The chances are you are IR as you have family history.

If you are TTC and get pregnant, there are differing opinions (again) on whether to stay on it or not, whatever you do don't come off it quickly, wean yourself off it (if advised to come off it by your GP)

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Sunshine92 in reply to Hols969

Thank you for your advice! Hope it works! I came on my period the day after I wrote the post so fingers crossed for next month xx

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