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Help! Confusion with PCOS symptoms


Hello everyone,

I’m new on here so just want to give a little back story to my PCOS experience.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS after a scan found 12 cysts on each ovary and I had no period for over a year. I was put on the contraceptive pill which I took for a year but had to come off because my mood was severely effected. The only symptom I had of PCOS was irregular periods.

The pill allowed me to have regular periods and I even lost weight due to living a much healthier lifestyle.

Prior to this, I have always suffered with horrific period pains (on and off), bloating, constipation and mood swings which can send me into a depressive state.

I’ve now been off the pill for two years and until recently, had very regular periods. However, over the last 6 months they’ve become more and more irregular ranging from a 35-40day cycle.

The pain I’m experiencing each month is unbearable. I’m crippled with sharp stabbing pains that lead to sickness, fainting and diarrhoea. I always feel deep twinges in my ovaries and I’m concerned as to what this is. Last month I experienced bloating that was so awful I was constipated for 5 days and in agony.

I’ve asked my doctor for a scan to check for cysts but he said it doesn’t sound like cysts. He mentioned endometriosis and has referred me to a gyno.

Has anyone else experienced the same symptoms whilst having PCOS or do I need to be aware of endo?? Im confused with what to do and look out for.

If anyone could help or share their experience with this I’d be forever grateful! Sorry for the long post but I hope this can also help someone else!

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I think it sounds like endo as well, generally pain is not a symptom of pcos but is of endo and it isnt uncommon to have both conditions.

Pcos does not cause pain as i know

Endometriosis cause pain unbearable pain

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