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Now not pcos very confused

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So after being told I had pcos my doctors have turned around and said its not after my second scan. And said I have multiple follicles on one ovary and two heamoragic cysts on the other and that it's not pcos. I have to go back for another scan in 5 weeks and been again referred to a gaenocologist again. I've had over two years of pcos symptoms and had to go backwards and forwards to doctors and gaenocologist appointments. To be told there's nothing wrong then it's pcos to now it's not. My testosterone is high lack vitamin d my other hormones are all over the place and have all of pcos symptoms. And it's getting worse.

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that's quite confusing. I couldn't get a diagnosis of pcos but I knew I had it so I looked into it myself and started having a look at how other people were treating it and it does seem to be helping

Cysts are only symptom and not the cause and not everyone has them, they can come and go anyway. Strange that they are now saying no, you still have cysts unless they are proper cysts rather than pcos cysts which are follicles (name is a bit misleading)

I have both which is why I'm so confused. But doctors are sending me to see a private gaenocologist. It's next week so see what they say.

Weird is all I can say .... I think it is still pcos but obviously need to find out more about the cysts. You need to see a endocrinologist for pcos as gynae isnt their area really (obviously proper cysts are) but pcos is an endocrine disorder and the cysts are only a symptom so you need to see a hormone expert not a 'fanny' expert :-)

I'll speak to them about it thank you

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